A very slow couple of weeks


This has been one of the slowest months of my life. The more I tried to get done, the more got piled on, the more frantic I got!



Lots of pictures of me on my phone the last couple of weeks. I think I might finally be going insane.

LEGO Technic Tenting


It's become something of an obsession: trying to make my desk cool. I grabbed my monitor and chair from the office about six months too late and now it's such a good space

A couple of weeks of food, bikes and keyboards


The last few weeks has not been the most fun. I can't find time to take pictures, so here's a montage.



We did some weekend things.



I thought this was going to take all day. Nowhere has switches in stock, and I have a board with really good switches that I'm not using



The easiest build I've done so far. Maybe because I had planned it. I knew what layout I was using. I'd counted my switches. All I needed to do was place them, solder them, sort my firmware. But this was a fun build, and I was rewarded for my planning

The Week Before My Birthday


The week that both went quickly and felt like it would never end.

How is it only Tuesday


I've been quite good with cycling in the morning the last two weeks. Been pushing myself pretty hard, and I go before breakfast so sometimes I push a bit too far and need to lie down for a minute

Fixing things you don't understand


I don't really get how any of this works. So far I've just been doing things and they've been working OK most of the time

GMK Dots


I've been waiting for this set for so long.

splitkb Kyria


I was too busy focussing on not messing up the build to take photos whilst I was working

Kyria Split Build pt 2


Easily the most boring part of mechanical keyboards is lubing switches. It is, unfortunately, not optional. There are no shortcuts.

Kyria Split Build pt 1


It's not a secret; I love keyboards. I love building them, I love talking about them, I love programming them

Lubing Gateron Inks with Tribosys 3204


I have been using Kailh Box Blacks on my UT47.2 but I don't like them. I don't hate them but I can do better. They have a very heavy actuation and they're clicky for a silent linear.

State of the Endgame


I shuffled some keycaps around, mainly to get a DSA set on the RoPro so that I can reach the F-row easier and have -=[] on my main layer

DSA Scientific/Lubed Sakurios/DZ60 Build


I built a keyboard. I like keyboards, OK? This is the first time I've ever soldered. It was fun. I w