I read a lot of blogs, and they are all brilliant. You can consider this my "blogroll", but "jasper tandy is blogroll" does not read nicely so I had to come up with something else.

  • Chris Glass' site has inspired quite a lot of what I do around here. Chris is an amazing autobiographical photographer and designer, and I consider this site to be the benchmark for personal blogging.
  • Aegir Hallmundur is an incredible designer and all-around creative powerhouse. His blog is just page after page of beautiful design and, more recently, case studies on his exploration of creating more physical products. Simultaneously inspiring and intimidating
  • Seth Werkheiser is fighting the good fight for grassroots PR and fan relationships, against a torrent of automation and corporate scale.
  • Daniel Pietzsch is a talented film photographer, musician, metalhead, film buff, developer, dad, probably a tonne of other things, based in Düsseldorf. He puts together these wonderful huge photo posts of his adventures with his family and friends throughout Europe
  • Luke Lanchester is a developer and blogger who is probably around as long-in-the-tooth as I am. He writes mostly about software development and has loads of interesting ideas around how software is and should be