November 8th 2023

Done applying for secondary schools for Tabitha, and just waiting to hear on various entrance exams, experience days, and other scary things. She started walking to school on her own, which has hit me harder than I anticipated, emotionally. She's starting to not need us any more and I know that's the goal, but I miss having a little baby sometimes.

Still playing a lot of badminton but limiting myself to twice a week at the moment, otherwise I'm pretty much constantly injured. Totally missed cycling this summer; using the trainer in the garage is so convenient, if a little boring. Watched some cool stuff, though. Apple TV is killing it at the moment.

I think I skated once the whole summer.

We got a new car! In my early 20s I had a mk1 MX-5 and I've missed having a fun little go-kart to zoom around in. Obviously two seats is not really ideal when there's three of you. So now I have something new with two seats and I love it. I'm a bit concerned with affordability long term, but even if I only have it for a year it'll have been a fun thing to have.

It's mine and Charlotte's wedding anniversary at the end of the month. We'll have been married for fifteen years, which is kinda crazy to me. It simultaneously feels like forever, but also how is it that long?

The problem with these Currently pages is it makes you realise how little your life changes, but also you kinda need to rewrite the whole thing to reflect a collection of very small changes. I've decided to keep a history of them, which will likely need to be refactored before long.


Watching: Foundation, Donut, Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, Sam Campbell
Listening: Sugar Horse, Spiritbox, Scaler, END, Taylor Swift
Playing: Super Mario Wonder, Superliminal, Alan Wake
Reading: Liu Cixin - The Dark Forest

How about you?

This is a Now Page. I found the idea for this via Chris Glass.


July 23rd 2023

Working at Buffalo (14 years!), primarily with NodeJS/TypeScript and React, Craft CMS, then odd bits of PHP for adding to Craft, and Ruby on older projects. Hoping to rebuild this site soon as the NextJS version is pretty old and I've learned a tonne since I built it.

Living in Rottingdean, near Brighton (6 years) with Charlotte, Tabitha, and Friday.

We're looking at local secondary schools for Tabitha to start in 2024. There are so many schools, and a surprising number of good ones.

I'm playing as much badminton as I physically can, but recovering from an injury at the moment. Much less cycling; I've been finding it really boring now that I'm done with TV shows I should've watched 10+ years ago! Not long until I can start skating again!

I've been writing and photos with more regularity. I've been finding that it's starting conversations more, as people drift away from social media, which has been a good motivator. I've grabbed a couple of GoPro mounts to try and start making some more video. We went to a theme park and the guy we went with made some really cool videos with his, and I was envious.

Still playing lots of video games, and listening to music as much as I can. I've also been trying to read fiction a lot more, and have been enjoying it. I'm such a slow reader, though. Takes me ages to finish a book!