I've been dissatisfied with the amount that I read for a really long time. I find it difficult to motivate myself to read, and even more difficult to read a book when I finish one. I am making effort here and I thought it'd be cool to log the books I read, and also have a way to pass on books that I've finished because I don't want my house filling up with books (yes I have heard of libraries but I don't like them. They're organised all weird and they never have what you want when you want it).

If you see something in my outbox, message me and you can have it (maybe we could trade? It's only fair)


Adrian Tchaikovsky - Children of Ruin


  • Elizabeth Moon - The Serrano Legacy
  • Susanna Clarke - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
  • Lois McMaster Bujold - Ethan of Athos
  • Margaret Atwood - Cat's Eye
  • Louis Greenberg - Exposure
  • Paolo Bacigalupi - The Windup Girl
  • Margaret Atwood - The Blind Assassin
  • Mary Robinette Kowal - The Calculating Stars
  • Margaret Atwood - The Heart Goes Last
  • HervĂ© le Tellier - The Anomaly
  • Andy Weir - Artemis


  • Susanna Clarke - Piranesi (Sheree)
  • Andy Weir - The Martian (available)
  • Blake Crouch - Recursion (available)
  • N. K. Jemisin - The World We Make (available)


  • Martha Wells - All Systems Red
  • Kim Stanley Robinson - Red Mars
  • Lois McMaster Bujold - The Curse of Chalion


This obviously isn't exhaustive but I'll try to flesh it out in reverse chronological order as I think of things.

  • Adrian Tchaikovsky - Children of Time
  • N. K. Jemisin - The World We Make
  • N. K. Jemisin - The City We Became
  • Blake Crouch - Recursion
  • Margaret Atwood - The Handmaid's Tale
  • Andy Weir - Project Hail Mary
  • Andy Weir - The Martian
  • Susanna Clarke - Piranesi
  • Kameron Hurley - The Stars Are Legion
  • Kazuo Ishiguro - Klara and the Sun
  • Ursula Le Guin - The Dispossessed
  • Abdulrazak Gurnah - After Lives
  • N. K. Jemisin - The Stone Sky
  • N. K. Jemisin - Obelisk Gate
  • N. K. Jemisin - The Fifth Season
  • Ann Leckie - Ancillary Mercy
  • Ann Leckie - Ancillary Sword
  • Ann Leckie - Ancillary Justice
  • Neal Stephenson - Snow Crash
  • Ernest Cline - Ready Player One
  • Arthur Golden - Memoirs of a Geisha