We went to lunch with some friends and walked along the seafront in this evil weather. Found this guy playing Saxophone and he was brilliant. I think I need a better mic though.

Alpha Male Tea Party at Green Door Store, February 2018

Charlotte said I should post this but I didn't want to

Death and the Penguin



I don't normally take pictures of food, but I do like to look at pictures of food. This week I've been trying to take some, and that has fortunately coincided with eating like I'm running out of time. Featuring Curry Leaf Café, Bhindi's and Gail's Bakery in Hove.

I really need to eat better this week. I mean, more healthily.

One of my favourite things to ever happen

Tabitha is growing up so fast. When I look back on old videos of her, I barely recognise her. To spend time with her is becoming more and more like spending time with a peer, with the odd exception. It's definitely my favourite part of parenting so far.

That being said, this evening she did something so adorably childlike that I had to make a note of it somewhere that has some persistence so that I can one day revisit it or be reminded of it.

After dinner this evening, Tabitha wanted a little extra, and there were some leftovers. Charlotte asked her to bring a bit of tissue from the table and throw it in the bin. On her way to the bin, Charlotte swapped the tissue for the leftovers, and Tabitha carried on, on autopilot, and threw her food in the bin.

She turned around slowly to us and said "I've just done something really silly. I threw my food in the bin" and was very upset about it. After a lot of giggling (this is exactly the sort of thing Charlotte and I do on a regular basis), and consolation, Tabitha was fine and we were all having a laugh about it.

It was so sweet and sad the way she realised what she'd done, I want to replay that moment again and again.

The Music of 2016

To save you from all the preamble, you can read about why I'm a year late to this on The Music of 2015. This is still as relevant as ever, and I'm still as self-indulgent as ever. But if you're here, you probably don't mind that anyway. With that in mind, here's the music I've heard of from 2016 that I still listen to and love. Obviously there's more than this, but this is the good stuff.

Bossk - Audio Noir

Listen to: The Reverie II (listen to all of it though. It's really good)

Earth Moves - The Truth in Our Bodies

Listen to: Pia Mater

Dance Gavin Dance - Mothership

Listen to: Deception

Fall of Messiah - Empty Colours

Listen to: I always thought that one day everything would be settled, but everything just went black.

Conjurer - I

Listen to: Behold the Swine (but listen to the whole thing)

Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid

Listen to: Lotta Years

Knocked Loose - Laugh Tracks

Listen to: Billy No Mates (but seriously. Whole thing)

Apologies, I Have None - Pharmacie

Listen to: Anything Chemical

Swet Shop Boys - Cashmere

Listen to: Tiger Hologram

Slaves BC - All is Dust and I am Nothing

Listen to: Crawling Through Nothing to Nothing

Car Bomb - Meta

Listen to: Nonagon (but the whole thing is a riot)