Tabitha's final day at primary school

yesterday at 12:18 PM

There's nearly seven years between these pictures. So much has changed. Very happy to have such a great kid and I'm so excited for her to start secondary.

Charlotte is doing a sponsored abseil for charity. You can read about why she's doing it, and I would hugely appreciate if you could donate/sponsor her.

Fuji X100VI


I had an X100-series camera ages ago, but a can of Dr Pepper exploded in my bag and killed it.

Adam Hargreaves drew Mr Impossible for me


Charlotte got me a ticket for this event at Helm for my birthday. It was pretty cool.

We went to the sound mirrors


Wanted to go to these since we saw Tom Scott's video about them. They're not open to the public all the time but they do occasionally sell tickets.

It was my birthday again


Palm Reader kicked off their farewell mini-tour in Southampton on my birthday. Andy and I took a little trip down memory lane, and found it largely closed.

Permit Room / Helm / Sam Campbell


Li'l date night with Charlotte. Dinner, drinks, comedy. Not bad but my word restaurants are expensive at the moment.

Cars Cars Cars


Another weekend, another car show. This one technically (legally?) a meetup rather than a show. An American car meetup, with a couple of lovely German cars thrown in for good measure. I'll take the 911, please.

One of two things has happened: either I've sampled so much fine ice cream that McFlurrys (don't come at me with McFlurries; it is a proper noun) now taste and have the texture of warm garbage, or McFlurrys always tasted and had the texture of warm garbage. I guess those aren't mutually exclusive.

Still I think today marked the first day that an ice cream was so repulsive that I threw it in the bin. Never thought I'd see the day.

Dad-Daughter Date


Charlotte met up with a friend in London, so Tabitha and I had a very expensive day filled with inefficient travel!

I'm on an organising kick right now. Today I organised our finances for the next few years because Tabitha's secondary school was stressing me out. Then I found a Johnny.Decimal tab I opened a couple of weeks go from an article on Jack Baty's site and have decided to implement something akin to this for my own use as I'm a bit fragmented right now. I'm not going to do Johnny.Decimal because it's too restrictive for my tangent-prone, words-first brain, but I am going to learn all about it to really squeeze the best of it out and decant that into my system. That is generally how I roll with most things.

Now can he focus on this long enough to complete it? I'll let you know tomorrow.

From Low Beams of Hope


I went to see Pijn last year and they played a lot off their new record; From Low Beams of Hope, and I specifically said at the time I couldn't begin to fathom how you'd compose songs like this.

Meth. at Hope & Ruin


Nearly didn't go to see Meth. on their Shame album tour because of the heat, and that would've been a mistake. This was top-5 material; super intense and vicious. The singer is actually pretty scary.

Father's Day


Not feeling too great at the moment but it's illegal to be grumpy on Father's Day. Dragged us out in the unexpected sun to go for a walk.

Black and White


Went out for lunch yesterday and went out for a little wander. Then went out for a little wander today. Feeling very black and white at the moment.

Websites that excessively internally link annoy me so much. Somehow I have managed to have two hobbies where news sites are guilty of this. Maybe it's all news sites, but gaming sites will talk and talk about a game's Steam page, but they will never link to it. It has to be an internal link to the game's tag page on their site, which also doesn't have a link to the Steam page. Same with music sites - links to their artist tag page, but never a link to Bandcamp, Spotify; nothing.

I come across this at work sometimes, where we have to do things to appease search engines at the cost of user experience and I will never not argue against it (even when I know I'm going to lose!). Your users don't care about your clicks or interactions or bounce rate. And if you really cared about those things, you'd make good content instead of tricking people into clicking around your site and farming false positives.

I hate making things that are not as good as they could be, just because Google Says. Google says to put glue on pizza, so maybe we shouldn't be following Google.

I'm not a life-long fan of formula one. When I was a kid, my dad said it was boring and so it was boring and we watched British Touring Cars and Saloon Cars instead.

A few years ago, a regrettably estranged friend (I know you're reading this; please reach out) pretty much forced me to try F1 again. I did so and got hooked immediately.

I'm not sure why it appeals to me so much. The first season I watched was plagued with porpoising and was essentially a race to solve that issue without compromising to a degree that tipped the scale too far the other way. Since then it's been a procession with Max Verstappen at the head. It's been a bit boring but I still love it?

Because it's 2024, I'm in an F1 dads WhatsApp group and we're going to Spa Francorchamps in July and I'm super excited for that. I've got an F1 calendar on my phone that tells me when and where we're racing this weekend (I watch free practice highlights but I watch qualifiers, sprints and races in full).

I've also been watching the heritage races on the Formula 1 YouTube channel. For each GP they've been showing extended highlights from a past race and I love them. The mid-2000s cars look like something you might design if you were seven years old, and they sound like an angry, eight-foot mosquito. In a lot of ways I look forward to these historic highlights as much as the race itself. My F1 dads are less enthusiastic; they likely watched these races at the time. I'm the interloper.

It reminds me of The Big Lebowski. I love that The Dude listens to old bowling matches on tape to relax. My F1 Sundays with the kid are the most relaxing time of my week and I can be found snoozing in front of the F1; not through boredom but relaxation (unless it's Monaco - then it's boredom).

And so I had the idea to find some older F1 on YouTube to rip the audio from and listen to whilst I sleep. A decent idea in theory but the 90s races are balanced towards commentary and I don't think I can sleep with the dulcet tones of Murray Walker in my ear. I need to find some racing without commentary. Is that a thing people are doing?

Since I can remember, we've used htpasswd authentication on sites in staging/pre-production to keep search engines and anyone else out. Mostly search engines. Too many ignore robots.txt to rely on that.

Since I can remember, I have struggled to effectively communicate that the htpasswd popup and any CMS login are separate. It's a dual-layer failing because people complain about not being able to log in, and I invariably assume that they're talking about the CMS, so we go looking in the wrong place and then someone will have a lightbulb moment; "do they mean the htpasswd popup?". And, of course, they do.

So, is this a familiar situation to you? Have you solved it? Care to share your solution because it's driving me crazy. There has to be a way to do this.

If you're reading this and you're one of my clients, I want to stress that this is not a complaint about you. I know it's a confusing thing and I wish there was a better way to either do it or communicate it and that's what I'm trying to achieve here. I've had problems in the past with clients thinking I'm subtweeting them (and they're only sometimes right) and taking offence and I don't want that happening here.

In the autumn, Tabitha will be assigned a musical instrument to learn. I'm going to need everyone who sees this to transmit cello-y thoughts please. At the very least I'll need not-brassy thoughts. I don't need trombones, trumpets, French horns. I might compromise on oboe or clarinet, but I won't be happy about it. And you'd better do it; if you don't I'll know.

This silly cat


This little bozo has been quite amusing lately.