The Church

We drove past this a couple of weeks ago and I pledged to come back and take a look at it. I love these churches - it looks like the setting of a creepy cult in a horror film.

I put the location into my GPS and 11 miles seemed reasonable so I set off. On the way, it occurred to me that an 11 mile journey is actually 22 miles if you plan to return home. Still a lovely morning for a cycle before work.


I'm not normally into apps like Prisma but this is pretty cool. I wish it didn't force you to do square images but I like a lot of the effects this does. Not sure if it's anything more than a toy, but who doesn't like toys?

Uncle Jake

Tabitha met my brother for the second time today. They basically spent the entire day annoying each other. It was pretty good.

Here, kitty

Tabitha loves our neighbour's cats.


If this ever fails to make me laugh, I died inside.

I checked and Charlotte was OK with me posting this