I'm having one of those days where everything seems pointless and I just want to quit and do nothing but sulk. Is that an option? Can I just abandon my life for a week to wallow and sulk? I feel like that should be allowed.


Went on another little hike. Ended up doing 12km and Tabitha smashed it!

Found part of the hamlet we were looking for.

And some nice skies over rolling hills.

And some birds.

And some interesting buildings.

And this tree.

And this eerie-looking cloud formation over an empty field.

And this couple who'd had a superglue accident and were on their way to get help.

I like doing these walks at the weekend. I've been slowly changing my habits to be more active overall; a change that has been massively encouraged by the Apple Watch. I don't think I'm losing any weight (I get all obsessive if I start to track that) but I do feel loads better.

A truckload of flowers

Spotted whilst I was wandering this morning. Wanted to get in and lie down but I've seen enough cop shows to be pretty scared of getting trapped in the back of a lorry.


Started out with a duvet cuddle with a cat who's about to rip my hand off.

Went to Fatto a Mano for Tabitha's 5 ½ birthday (it's a thing!)

Walked the dog on a new route and saw this lovely house.

It finally stopped raining so did a bit of flying (just) before it got too dark.

Ate some excessively sweet cake (conceived by a 5 ½ year-old) consisting of chocolate brownie, vanilla sponge, meringue, butter cream and shards of chocolate (kid loves Bake Off).

And got a nice sunrise on the way to work the following morning.

I watched a few episodes of Bojack Horseman when it first aired and I just did not get it. Then Tabitha went to school and Charlotte binged it and then insisted I watch it.

I still found it a bit of a chore because it's just wave after wave of impulsive, self-destructive behaviour, but there's an arc in series 4 involving Bojack's mother and some other members of his family (trying to avoid overt spoilers) that finally tipped me over. It previously felt gratuitously heavy, but when all the foreshadowing converged it really tugged at my heart-strings.

Every time I think a character in this show is growing or making progress, they sabotage themselves and end up worse than they started off. I can't bring myself to admit how realistic that is.