Chris Glass has written an incredibly beautiful and touching tribute to his mother on his blog, which I would encourage you to read. And whilst you're doing things that I'm encouraging you to, go and look at the rest of the photos on his website. He's an amazing photographer.


A while

There are those friends you don't see for a while. You're all busy; it's fine. You talk occasionally, and it's all good. But when you get to hang out it's like you see each other all the time and nothing's changed since you first met. Those friends are so, so good to see.

We wrapped up and went for a walk as the sun was setting, and it was very good.

This tree

I've seen this tree at least a thousand times, but today it looks different. Light hit it just right, and it caught my eye.

I think the new iPad Pro might be my favourite computer ever. Previous holders of this accolade have been the MacBook Air, iPhone 3G, iPhone X, and the 2017 MacBook Pro.

The iPad has always been my Best Computer For People Who Don't Do Computers, but the 2018 iPad Pro is just my favourite. Beautiful screen, new Apple Pencil is amazing and doesn't have that stupid dorky charging, new keyboard is nice and clicky and has two viewing angles, and the OS is great, and always improving, and it has USB type-C.

If you're a USB type-C convert like I am, then you will know that anything that lacks USB type-C is a completely pointless waste of your time.