LEGO Bucket Wheel Excavator 42055 Build With Sven

Like consistent white balance? Keep walkin'

These things are always so satisfying to build.

First school uniform

Tabitha likes one of her new school uniforms. This weekend, parenting-wise, has been hard work. I'd be looking forward to going back to work if that was being enjoyable at the moment.

Manmade geysers

Hey, look what else the waves do.

Some toys never get old

I've wanted one of these foreverspin tops since I first laid eyes on them. Something about a symmetrical, balanced chunk of metal just does it for me. But the shipping was pretty high and the tops themselves aren't that cheap. For what you get, they're pretty reasonable, but a high number is still a high number.

One thing I didn't anticipate was how much Tabitha would like these things. If I'd known that, justifying the purchase would've been a whole lot easier!

Pin badges

I accidentally started collecting pin badges. There's so many amazing designers on Instagram, which is immediately dangerous for me because most of my procrastination time is spent in that app at the moment.

These two got delivered over the last couple of days. First lot from Broken Pillar and second from Third Culture. I ripped the card when I was opening the packet.