Gentry Stein at Churchill Square

Pretty lucky turn of events - Gentry Stein was randomly performing in the shopping centre in Brighton today. I love watching this guy, but it made me want to throw my yoyo in the bin.

Misty Seafront Walk

The sea mist has been pretty intense this last week. Makes things look very creepy, and gives a nice flat light for taking photos of people, so that's what I did.

Brighton Cereal Café

I love cereal. It's one of my favourite foods. I've wanted to try Cereal Killer since they opened but the opportunity has never arisen.

Now there's a cereal café in Brighton (nothing to do with Cereal Killer) so went there for something to eat and it was most enjoyable. They've got some brilliant combos and some interesting boxes so will definitely be going back.

This concept is not without its haters - people like to remind you how cheap cereal is, and that having it at home is much cheaper. Like you can't do that with any restaurant, coffee shop, ice cream place. Anything really. Love haters.


Tabitha went to her first climbing lesson this weekend. She enjoyed it, but the lesson was kinda crappy. Class was too big and the instructor couldn't keep up with everyone.


Living by the sea is pretty nice but it's pretty much always too windy or too busy to fly the drone. Seized a rare opportunity to have a fly this weekend and really enjoyed it. The Mavic handles so well it's ridiculous. Although the Lightning cable they supply with it is terrible and now doesn't maintain a stable connection to my phone, so I had to get a new one.

Still, flying this is super fun. I need to do it more often.