I've been trying to take it easy lately to let my arm get better, but it's super annoying not exercising when you're into it. So this morning I got up and went for a ride up the horrible hill by our house to fly the drone. Sadly all the photos I got were ruined by lens flares except this one.

Tabitha and I went to play some basketball, then walked to meet Charlotte at the allotment.

She's getting a bit good at this allotment lark. Just in time for Brexit when we all begin to starve and die of curable diseases.

A squirrel thief was stealing these beans but I stopped him like the hero that I am, and I like the colours a lot.


Nothing much. Just some nice silhouettey sunsets.


I've done a camera swap with Dan, and I'm using the Leica M10-D this weekend. It's very weird to get used to, but there's something very satisfying about shooting without the distraction of any photo previews. It's a bit frustrating when you want to make sure you got framing right, but the Leica Fotos app is pretty decent in a pinch. I haven't used a Leica for ages, and manual focussing was so slow but it doesn't take long to get back up to speed.

We went to Worthing Food Festival today, so I thought I'd bring it and see what sort of results I could get from it. It definitely has that Leica Look - more so than my typ 240. If you under-expose a bit it's even more pronounced. I like it a lot. Some of these look like film to me, and there's very minimal processing on them. Basically just levels. With a camera that's so opinionated with colour as these are, even messing with white balance in post is quite counter-productive. If you want something with perfect colour representation, get a DSLR.

This looks so fun. I want to put some gloves on and smoosh my hands around in a big pile of noodles. He wouldn't let me, though

These colours!

There was a chilli-eating competition. This is where it'd have been nice to have the Canon. I was blindly framing with manual focus. Not a good combo. Still liked this photo of these two winners cheers-ing their final chilli.

We also had a bit of a wander around Worthing. I've never been before - it's better than I anticipated. I'd like to go and have more of a look around and see what's there. There's tonnes of restaurants.

This guy has a lovely car, and he knows it

Loved the pier. There's something very trapped-in-time about the British seaside.


Bit of a mixed bag of a weekend. Went to a stag, fired a gun, threw some axes, shot some arrows, went for a wander and saw a bit of a huge motorbike show on the seafront.

Against my better judgement, given that I currently have tennis elbow and golfer's elbow, but it turned out to not be that bad.

There were some crazy bikes on show. I absolutely love motorbikes but I also love going fast so having one seems like a bad idea.

Something about this caught my eye. Dunno what but it doesn't fit the theme at all!


This heron taught me a valuable lesson this weekend. Every time I walked past the pond, I didn't have my camera. The last time I decided to go back and get it because I'd had enough of missing him. When I returned, he was gone, because of course he was. Finally managed to catch him and got a few I really liked. Always carry a camera.

The problem with this sort of thing is it starts me trying to justify ridiculous gear purchases. Like I definitely need a Canon 400mm f4, just to take photos of birds for free.

Unfortunately, because of where he was standing, I couldn't get any decent shots of him fishing, but use your imagination!

I liked his grumpy face when a dive yielded nothing.