This cat is asleep

Cats are not smart. But then I was at work all day so who's the stupid one.

Dog basket

This dog has the right idea.

The Dog

Sudo was supposed to be a present for Charlotte but I feel like it's me who's benefitted from him the most. He was a great companion when I worked from home, and now he's the reason for little moments like this where Tabitha and I can hang out between me working and her sleeping. I feel a hole in my day when we don't spend this time together, and I wouldn't even know what I was missing if it weren't for Sudo.

Record Everything

Imagine if you were forced to experience your life instead of recording it.

The Church

We drove past this a couple of weeks ago and I pledged to come back and take a look at it. I love these churches - it looks like the setting of a creepy cult in a horror film.

I put the location into my GPS and 11 miles seemed reasonable so I set off. On the way, it occurred to me that an 11 mile journey is actually 22 miles if you plan to return home. Still a lovely morning for a cycle before work.