Flew my drone at a decommissioned airbase today. Was worried it'd be geofenced but it wasn't and there was no-one around so I had at it! Was a lot of fun. Landed on a real runway like a real pilot. That runway hasn't been used in decades but it's as close as I'm ever going to get so shut up and leave me alone.

I love how Will Smith is using YouTube. Could watch this guy's videos all day. And why not; I been watching The Fresh Prince my whole life and learning lessons.

Water Tower

Saw this water tower. Stands out a bit. Took a couple of photos. End.

I'm not saying school's trying to test that we're actually reading books with Tabitha, but there's a typo in the one we were reading today.

There's less than 200 words in this damn book and they can't even be bothered to proofread?!


Ultra lazy weekend, as we have a few weeks of busy ones coming up. Maybe we were too lazy. I couldn't tell you what the weather was like yesterday.

Today we had a slow walk to the marina and I took some snaps. They've set up some bungee jump thing which is quite fun to watch.

I played some of the amazing(ly difficult) Lion King game whilst Charlotte and Tabitha watched the film. Gave up pretty quickly - that game is way too difficult.