Let's go to the park!

It's become a bit of a routine for Tabitha and I to take the dog for a walk when she's done at school. What that usually entails is me throwing a ball for Sudo and Tabitha going to the park.

What is it about 5-year-olds that they're utterly incapable of using play equipment for its intended purpose? We spent about an hour there yesterday and she didn't use one thing properly. Still seemed to have fun though.


Bit of a lazy one today, and we were going a little crazy sitting inside, so took the dog out for some fresh air and silly faces. Then came back and played some Mario Kart. I can barely summon the energy to type this out.


I don't like bakeries where they don't bake on-site. It just seems like cheating to me. If you walk into a "bakery" and you can't smell bread baking, I don't know where you are but, to me, you're not in a bakery. I want to see white uniforms all covered in dough and flour and piles of treats that you know are fresh.

That's what I get with Gail's: piles of fresh stuff, some of which I've never heard of, that makes me want to buy everything. And you know it'll all be gone before they close, and tomorrow it'll all be fresh again.

I made myself hungry.

Brighton Pier

Now that Tabitha is tall enough, we went to the pier to go on the more grown-up rides. It took longer than I thought to get round to it but the weather has been pretty unpleasant recently.

I grew up with a mop fair on my doorstep once a year so I'm pretty familiar with these fairground-type rides. I understand why people don't like them - they feel pretty sketchy at times, and when I'm hanging upside down I can't help but wonder how often they're checked for safety, and what year they were made.

There's something classically British about a seaside fair, to me. I loved doing this with her, and she had a great time too. She'd been looking forward to it for so long!

It was incredibly expensive, though.

I want to try boosting one of these posts on Facebook just to see what £4 gets you on a crappy personal blog. Unfortunately, this goes against the fact that I think Facebook is one of the worst things that isn't a war or a disease to ever happen to humanity. £4 isn't going to get them very far in causing World War 3 or bringing back the Black Death, but it just feels wrong to give them money.