I always look in this direction

Hello my name is Jasper. I have a wife, a daughter, a dog, a cat, and a beard.

I like cameras, music, video games, bicycles, mechanical keyboards, German compound nouns, the Oxford Comma, and going to bed too late.

I dislike cryptocurrencies, AI, buzzwords, and when I'm trying to get to sleep at night and my brain reminds me of something stupid I did that I'd forgotten about.

I am the technical director at Buffalo. You can ask me things, if you want. Like "why do you need more than one keyboard?".

I also have a list of links to various things. I suppose that list should be on this page but it's a separate page now and I'm not changing it!

You can now look at what I'm currently doing. It's like if you were giving someone the headlines when catching up, having not seen them for a while. I thought it was a cool idea.