A Person

I cut my hair off

Hello my name is Jasper. I have a wife, a daughter, a dog, a cat and a beard.

I like cameras, music, video games, films, television shows and going to bed too late.

I dislike it when I'm trying to get to sleep at night and my brain reminds me of something stupid I did that I'd forgotten about.

I am the technical director at Buffalo.

I sometimes like to make things. Recently I have made:

Emoji Rodeo

With Sven Eisenschmidt - let people leave Emoji reactions on your site.

Simple Pokémon Lookup

Bulbapedia is brilliant, but not ideal when you're in battle. That's right, I said "in battle".

Movie reviews

I'm on Plot as jaspertandy

Good music

I used to tweet about great music but now that Twitter is for Nazis I just write about it here instead.

Collecting Music

My iTunes library is somewhat intimidating. I made it to show me a random album to listen to, but now it also lists the entire library.

Collecting GIFs

I love GIFs (that's a hard G. Do not @ me on this). Here are my favourites I've found or harvested from the collections of others. More work than necessary has gone into this feature.


A Twitter bot that tweets Markov Chains based on my old tweets. Never has a more pointless thing existed.

Quite popular among other bots, though:

Wow cuz this is excellent work! Congrats and keep it up.

Emoji throughout the site provided by EmojiOne