We did some weekend things.

Tabitha stood on a log.
I wished there was some way to afford this Porsche.
We went rockpooling and I was admiring this gull.
Tabitha went in the water.
I had pizza, with chillis from the garden. It was nice.
I rebuilt my DZ60. Lubed and band-aid modded Durock stabilisers, with Zealios on keys I hit hard (space, enter, left shift, backspace, arrows). It's PCB mounted so I made sure all the switches were nice and straight. Didn't do that last time and regretted it.
DSA Scientific doesn't seem to have a 2u shift key. Either that or I lost it. I probably lost it. Still, I have 2u DSA glow-in-the-darks so it all worked out.
We went for a walk and saw some good skies and landscapes.
Found the Windows XP desktop.