We went to lunch with some friends and walked along the seafront in this evil weather. Found this guy playing Saxophone and he was brilliant. I think I need a better mic though.

Alpha Male Tea Party at Green Door Store, February 2018

Charlotte said I should post this but I didn't want to

Death and the Penguin



I don't normally take pictures of food, but I do like to look at pictures of food. This week I've been trying to take some, and that has fortunately coincided with eating like I'm running out of time. Featuring Curry Leaf Café, Bhindi's and Gail's Bakery in Hove.

I really need to eat better this week. I mean, more healthily.

A Walk in the Fog and a Playdate

I don't love the term "playdate" but it feels more accurate (and cuter) than "very small party".

Tabitha has been a dream today. Incredible person.

Super Mario Odyssey

Sometimes it feels like Nintendo makes games specifically for me. The format of the Switch is exactly what I’ve wanted for a long time. I love the PS4 and PC for gaming but I don’t love having to sit in a specific room and dominate the TV to play things (even though that’s exactly what I’ve been doing with Odyssey).

If I wake up early on a Saturday, I try to sneak in some gaming or something before everyone else is awake. Last Saturday, Tabitha came in and saw me playing Odyssey and wanted to have a go too. She hasn’t played a load of games, though she does like Sonic Advance, so she was just picking up the controls but her glee at collecting coins mirrors a lot of the happiness I’ve felt playing this game.