Sudo is 10

Sudo is 10 now. He's a good boy.


Along with everyone in the south of England today, I'm posting sunrise photos!

Jambinai at Green Door Store

When you describe a band as "post rock/metal played with South Korean instruments", you get one of exactly two responses: people either screw their faces up as though you briefly started speaking a long-forgotten language, or they go "that sounds amazing". If you're in the latter camp, please listen to Jambinai.

Posts rock and metal seem to have converged somewhat, with bands like Bossk, Pijn and Jambinai blending incredibly intense and heavy elements with beautiful melody and interesting instrumentation. It's one thing to listen to this as studio recordings (and I strongly recommend that you do), but to see it performed live it takes on a new dimension. I've said this about We Never Learned to Live in the past, but the sound has an almost physical presence. You can feel it around you like a huge blanket. As you can tell, it's difficult to describe, but I hope that doesn't detract too much from the message.

I don't want to waffle on any more than I already have because you should've already stopped reading this and started listening to Jambinai's a Hermitage. Pay particular attention to Abyss, their collaboration with South Korean rapper Ignito, but honestly just listen to it all because it's beautiful.


I've been trying to take it easy lately to let my arm get better, but it's super annoying not exercising when you're into it. So this morning I got up and went for a ride up the horrible hill by our house to fly the drone. Sadly all the photos I got were ruined by lens flares except this one.

Tabitha and I went to play some basketball, then walked to meet Charlotte at the allotment.

She's getting a bit good at this allotment lark. Just in time for Brexit when we all begin to starve and die of curable diseases.

A squirrel thief was stealing these beans but I stopped him like the hero that I am, and I like the colours a lot.


Nothing much. Just some nice silhouettey sunsets.