Tabitha's final day at primary school

yesterday at 12:18 PM

There's nearly seven years between these pictures. So much has changed. Very happy to have such a great kid and I'm so excited for her to start secondary.

Fuji X100VI


I had an X100-series camera ages ago, but a can of Dr Pepper exploded in my bag and killed it.

Adam Hargreaves drew Mr Impossible for me


Charlotte got me a ticket for this event at Helm for my birthday. It was pretty cool.

We went to the sound mirrors


Wanted to go to these since we saw Tom Scott's video about them. They're not open to the public all the time but they do occasionally sell tickets.

It was my birthday again


Palm Reader kicked off their farewell mini-tour in Southampton on my birthday. Andy and I took a little trip down memory lane, and found it largely closed.

Permit Room / Helm / Sam Campbell


Li'l date night with Charlotte. Dinner, drinks, comedy. Not bad but my word restaurants are expensive at the moment.

Cars Cars Cars


Another weekend, another car show. This one technically (legally?) a meetup rather than a show. An American car meetup, with a couple of lovely German cars thrown in for good measure. I'll take the 911, please.

Dad-Daughter Date


Charlotte met up with a friend in London, so Tabitha and I had a very expensive day filled with inefficient travel!

From Low Beams of Hope


I went to see Pijn last year and they played a lot off their new record; From Low Beams of Hope, and I specifically said at the time I couldn't begin to fathom how you'd compose songs like this.

Meth. at Hope & Ruin


Nearly didn't go to see Meth. on their Shame album tour because of the heat, and that would've been a mistake. This was top-5 material; super intense and vicious. The singer is actually pretty scary.

Father's Day


Not feeling too great at the moment but it's illegal to be grumpy on Father's Day. Dragged us out in the unexpected sun to go for a walk.

Black and White


Went out for lunch yesterday and went out for a little wander. Then went out for a little wander today. Feeling very black and white at the moment.

This silly cat


This little bozo has been quite amusing lately.

That cloud looks threatening


It was at this point, the farthest from home we were planning to be, that we realised our error.

A very busy couple of weeks


Had a really hectic couple of weeks trying to get a feature finished at work and it'd been pretty much occupying my mind all the time. I'm almost done with it now and apparently I still managed to take quite a few photos?

Two weekends, two car shows


I do love a good car show. I think I still prefer things on the more modded side like InCarNation but there was some very cool stuff on display here.

The things you carry


The things I carry change relatively frequently, but the things I carry are fairly consistent.

InCarNation 2024


Back again! No Boxsters but there was an absolutely incredible NSX that I definitely don't want 🥵

Protozoa's Milo stole my escape key


I haven't used a rotary encoder on a board since I started using column stagger splits under 40% but look how cute!

Lambing at Middle Farm


We went lambing at Middle Farm with Dan, Allyson and their two boys. They were too young for it, and I think Tabitha is too old now. Plus it's a weirdly corporate affair.