Super Mario Odyssey

Sometimes it feels like Nintendo makes games specifically for me. The format of the Switch is exactly what I’ve wanted for a long time. I love the PS4 and PC for gaming but I don’t love having to sit in a specific room and dominate the TV to play things (even though that’s exactly what I’ve been doing with Odyssey).

If I wake up early on a Saturday, I try to sneak in some gaming or something before everyone else is awake. Last Saturday, Tabitha came in and saw me playing Odyssey and wanted to have a go too. She hasn’t played a load of games, though she does like Sonic Advance, so she was just picking up the controls but her glee at collecting coins mirrors a lot of the happiness I’ve felt playing this game.


Winds are up around 35mph so I went to the seafront at high tide to watch the waves crashing, as we know I like to do! There’s also a video on my YouTube but the quality is pretty poor, even though it’s quite impressive. I don’t make enough videos to justify getting some kit that can make them.

Chilling at ArcTanGent

Festivals can be stressful, so it's important to unwind.

Looking Out Over Newhaven Fort

There was a car show at Newhaven Fort and, whilst it wasn't terribly impressive (there were some lovely cars there, but it was mostly stuff that doesn't interest me), I love going to the top of the fort and looking out over Sussex and the lighthouse. This is where the Contax T2/Superia 800 combination shines.

Pizza Girl

Found that you can get pizza by the slice from The Hearth in Lewes, which is great. Except it's really nice and I wanted to go back and buy 7 more slices. It must have been good because Tabitha, the girl who never eats anything in a timely fashion, destroyed it.