Nothing much. Just some nice silhouettey sunsets.

Bank Holiday Stroll

It's not very often we get good weather over a weekend in this country (thanks Brexit) let alone a bank holiday, but it's happened. Went for a wander and an ice cream in the sun. Was pretty good.

Then came home and I worked for a few hours which was less good.

Then I spent a while migrating my text notes from Drafts (which recently pissed me off by moving to a subscription model) to iA Writer which hasn't yet and it had better not. I can't handle more heartbreak.


This can't be comfortable.

InCarNation 2018

I think we went to this show last year and it was great. I love cars. One thing that's particularly cool about this show is the variety. You've got stock, normal cars, and heavily modded ridiculous cars. People are passionate about all kinds of things.

Tabitha mentioned that she wanted to go and take photos at a car show, so we did! The rest of these photos were taken by her, and selected by me. JPEGs straight out of the camera.

Cooking Chocolate

We like BeChocolat in Brighton. There's so many opportunities to take pictures in there. Oh and some nice chocolate.