I'm not doing great

I haven't posted, or really taken any pictures since my last post, which was before my birthday, which was over a month ago. I'm just not into anything right now. I want to be but that's where my motivation ends.

I am trying; just nothing is happening. I do have an idea for something I want to make though.

My beautiful new pen. I love it.
Continuing the things-in-my-hand series: AirTags with stupid emoji. What's life without a bit of Whimsy.
MX height vs Choc height.
Bowl of Choc.
Switch pullers are perfect for pulling out socketed microcontrollers 💫
We made this crystal tree. Not pictured: Tabitha extremely upset shortly after realising how fragile it is (very)
Made a low profile Kyria. It is very low profile.
I took pictures at Tabitha's sports day because parents weren't allowed. Great couple of days.
I'm getting into bowls quite a bit. I love these woods.
I started training my moustache. It's quite disobedient.
I cleaned my car using some proper stuff. Now the water beads up on the paint in a very satisfying way.
Claying is satisfying work.
Everyone has a set of albums they listen to in a new car.
If Sudo could move food with his mind.
I put a 900mah battery on my QAZ. So far it's lasted about 4 weeks. Next up: 900mah Corne because Corne is the best.
Made a muffin. I like muffins.
Getting closer...
Got some MBK caps for my Kyria. Choc caps on MX spacing are goofy.
Current Quefrency setup. I love this board.
This hydrangea is out. One of my favourites.
Played in my first bowls match. Will I ever be comfortable in white trousers?
Drew myself as a Peanuts character because Apple told me to.
Got a new lens cap for my Summicron
Took a picture of Sudo
Measuring up for my new Corne.
Seeing how time passes.
It's the summer holiday so there's books everywhere.
A seagull got caught in our neighbour's seagull net. It was a drama.
I finished Deadwood and watched the movie. I would like to write more about movies but I mostly have nothing to say.
Corne, GMK Dots, hot chocolate. Perfect Friday. But it's Thursday.