Jaws 'n' Claws

Had a great time at Jaws 'n' Claws at The Booth Museum. Tabitha held a giant snail after being too creeped out last time.


Then went for pizza and ice cream. Pretty solid Monday, if I'm being totally honest.

I did also do some work but that wasn't as exciting as this.

Let's go fly a kite

I've never flown a kite before. It was pretty fun. I think the wind strength round here was a big help - I assumed you needed some hidden knack but the kite just sorta went for a fly of its own accord.

Now I want to get a proper kite because this one basically fell apart.

Tabitha has her portrait sketched

I see this lady around the village all the time. We saw her sketching a lady at the Rottingdean fair, and liked her style so got her to sketch Tabitha's likeness. The pressure of doing this job must be crazy for the wrong sort of people. I guess that's why caricatures are more popular than earnest pictures. The risk:reward is way off if you're trying to draw a picture someone might like!


I'm not usually into fĂȘtes and things like that but, for whatever reason, I was in the mood for it today. We walked over the hill to go and have a look at this one in Saltdean and it was all very nice. Lots for the kid to do.

She made a biscuit. Please note the mushrooms, which were made using icing as an adhesive to keep the chocolate button caps on. The ladies running the operation were most impressed at this creativity. Being honest, I was impressed too.

Some good-looking cakes on display, and they've somehow managed to get one of them new Mac Pros already

Who loves fĂȘtes?

They also had sunflower seed planting. Tabitha loves planting stuff. 20p. Bargain.

And she's got a crocheted hamster called Hampy

After how hectic this week has been, I think I really needed this. Artisan craft fayre this afternoon, which might be pushing it.


Tabitha did some super good cycling today. She's had a bit of a psychological block on hills lately. We live on a bit of a hill and she hasn't been able to crack it, so we went smashing hills today.

I'm borrowing a camera to take to Moscow and I needed to go and collect it, so we rode into town to get it, which involved a hill. My least favourite type of hill. A long hill. Not very steep; just long. She crushed it. Good.

We came back a different route that has my second least favourite (and also the only other) type of hill: a short, steep hill. She crushed that, too. Actually, she extra crushed this one because she lost her balance a bit and had to start on the hill, which sucks to do, but she made it the whole way.

We stopped and she had an ice cream before walking home She's too young to ride on the road and I hate cycling on pavements. When we got to our road, she was ready. It's significantly easier than the two hills she already did, but she'd built it up in her head so it meant more to her to beat this one than either of the others. A really good day for cycling.

Next weekend I'm taking her to the marina because there's a really unpleasant hill there I want her to try.