That London


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The number of pretzels I could probably eat

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Tabitha standing in front of a huge recycling/textile thing. This does not count as photographing someone else's art.

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I started hunting for nice shapes

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I absolutely love this portrait of Tabitha

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Feeling a bit sick of going to Brighton and seeing and doing the same things so we went to London for the day. We went to Borough Market, Tate Modern, British Museum, Seven Dials Market, and Liberty. I wore new trainers and my feet are now killing me.

I was not in the mood for the British Museum after a particularly passive aggressive and pointless bag search, and there were so many people there. There's so much stuff there though, it's pretty crazy. I had no idea the Rosetta Stone was there; that was wild to see in real life.

I have wanted to try a wrap from Naanstop Express since we went to the cheese restaurant. It was nice but I was a little disappointed that it's just a flour tortilla. Given the variety of breads Indian cuisine has available, only offering a tortilla and Warburtons is tantamount to a culinary crime.

Tabitha had an ice cream from Soft Serve Society. It was supposed to come with an espresso shot which they wouldn't let her have, and wouldn't replace with decaf. There was also a giant empty space in the centre of her ice cream. That's the second time we've been there and I've had something to complain about so I think we're done going there.

Borough Market was pretty cool but something about it felt really corporate to me. One place we went to had multiple locations in the same market, which doesn't help. It's like they've sanded all the rough edges of what a London market once was. I guess what I'm talking about is gentrification.

We also found ourselves right in the middle of a pretty huge Gaza protest which, when travelling with someone who does not like large crowds, was not ideal. They seemed to have limited themselves to the river, though, so was easy to avoid. Almost our entire time in Covent Garden and Soho had a soundtrack of what I assume were police helicopters overhead. For some reason I feel like you don't really get news helicopters any more but I don't know why I assume that!

Tate Modern is amazing. There's such a huge variety of modern art there. If you're interested in art at all, I feel like you'd find something to enjoy. The Mondrian, Matisses, Picasso are obviously highlights but there's plenty of other stuff there to enjoy. I didn't take notes, and I refuse to photograph other people's art, so I don't remember what I liked! I'd like to go back there and do the whole thing at some point.

The way people behave in galleries really makes me laugh. Some people are so pushy on their track, some have to photograph everything, some stand and stare at one thing for ages and ages. I like how that environment influences people's behaviour. I think my favourite was watching a lady find the perfect spot for her little folding chair so she could see all the things she wanted to see, then just plop down and have people stand in front of her straight away.

We definitely need to go to London more often, and going with a bit of a plan is a good idea. I sorta get the appeal of living there but it's not for me. I need to be able to switch it all on, rather than off. Being around it all the time would annoy me, I think.

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