Pick & Cheese

We saw about this place on Jolly, and I've wanted to take Charlotte there ever since. It's a cheese restaurant, and it has a carousel of cheese like a sushi bar. It's pretty great if you like cheese.

I would characterise my cheese fanaticism as liking a small number of cheeses disproportionately. Places like this don't cater to people who really love halloumi, paneer, and mozzarella sticks. I understand why. Just makes it cheaper for me.

Charlotte likes cheeses with mold on, and cheeses that smell bad, and cheeses that are suspiciously viscous. I don't like anything that is suspiciously viscous. She had a nice time though I think.

We went to some other places she wanted to go as well. I've never been to Liberty. If you don't know what Liberty is, it's an old, iconic department store which is crammed with insanely expensive things. It feels like a huge museum gift shop. Most of it is quite ugly but some of the things they sell are incredibly beautiful. I see why Charlotte likes it as a shopping experience - it's pretty much a charity shop for the super wealthy. Just a shame that we are not super wealthy.

I do want to get into the habit of going to London more often though. We can get there quite cheaply on the weekend. It's a cool place, but wow it's very busy. I don't like that.

They let me put my GoPro on the conveyor belt. I tried to get a cool shot where I picked something off but the angle was wrong and I kinda dropped it. Everyone stared and, presumably, regretted letting me put my GoPro on the conveyor belt.