I don't like bakeries where they don't bake on-site. It just seems like cheating to me. If you walk into a "bakery" and you can't smell bread baking, I don't know where you are but, to me, you're not in a bakery. I want to see white uniforms all covered in dough and flour and piles of treats that you know are fresh.

That's what I get with Gail's: piles of fresh stuff, some of which I've never heard of, that makes me want to buy everything. And you know it'll all be gone before they close, and tomorrow it'll all be fresh again.

I made myself hungry.


I think I'm almost done sulking. We walked into town to get some Poutine from Befries and I took some photos. Shock, right?

Sea was so nice and calm today. Love when it's like that.

Found the king of the bins.

Watched these waves crashing a bit. Something about it was very satisfying.

They were doing something with a digger on the beach. Didn't know what. Still don't know what.

Then, the poutine. Been looking forward to this all week, and intrigued by the concept since the Worth it episode, and it did not disappoint. I was a bit apprehensive about cheese curds but they're just like a chewy mozzarella with more flavour so I'm completely into it. We had 3 - regular, topped with kimchi, and topped with stuffing. I love stuffing.

It was super filling, and I don't think I need to eat ever again. Probably will though.


Started out with a duvet cuddle with a cat who's about to rip my hand off.

Went to Fatto a Mano for Tabitha's 5 ½ birthday (it's a thing!)

Walked the dog on a new route and saw this lovely house.

It finally stopped raining so did a bit of flying (just) before it got too dark.

Ate some excessively sweet cake (conceived by a 5 ½ year-old) consisting of chocolate brownie, vanilla sponge, meringue, butter cream and shards of chocolate (kid loves Bake Off).

And got a nice sunrise on the way to work the following morning.

My brother is a bad influence

Whenever Jake comes round, we end up eating junk food. The kid's got great taste and he always ends up picking something I should've had. I should've had the ACE from Sprinkles Gelato.

Brighton Cereal Café

I love cereal. It's one of my favourite foods. I've wanted to try Cereal Killer since they opened but the opportunity has never arisen.

Now there's a cereal café in Brighton (nothing to do with Cereal Killer) so went there for something to eat and it was most enjoyable. They've got some brilliant combos and some interesting boxes so will definitely be going back.

This concept is not without its haters - people like to remind you how cheap cereal is, and that having it at home is much cheaper. Like you can't do that with any restaurant, coffee shop, ice cream place. Anything really. Love haters.