Birthday SUP


Went on a last minute paddle-boarding trip with a good friend on my birthday. Never been before but Barcombe Mills is a nice place to go for a first-timer.

Vampire Survivors is the purest video game


I can't explain why I love this game, but I also love games made by people who clearly love this game, so I guess it's not just me.

Pick & Cheese


We saw about this place on Jolly, and I've wanted to take Charlotte there ever since.



Friday is not enjoying the heat. Spends most of the day trying to find a cold surface to lie on; there isn't one, sorry.

The cast is off!


Tabitha finally had her cast removed. The last 4 weeks have felt like such a long time, but have also gone very quickly. Probably not the case for Tabitha. Little video on here of the process of getting the cast cut off. Nothing terribly squeamish in there but if you have a mind that likes to wander about these things I would probably skip it! I like that they call them "wires" - they're more like tent pegs, but that would probably be a bit too scary.

Friday Saturday


Still very naughty, still in love with the dog.

I cheated. It's a photo dump post!


I haven't done one of these for ages because I like posts to be a bit more coherent, but I don't have the motivation (or sufficient content) for that so here's some snaps so that I don't have to do 3 Friday posts in a row. That'd be embarrassing.



I didn't want to do two Friday posts next to each other but it was inevitable. This week can go to absolute hell. I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

HMKB65, Gazzew LT, GMK Bento


There's been a long wait for this one, but it was so worth it.



I've wanted to make a video of the pourover process since we got this setup. So typically I chose a day with really terrible light to attempt it. I actually like the way it came out though.

Never Not Walking


It's becoming something of a routine, this walk into the city on a Saturday, and I don't mind it. This was hard work though. We were all exhausted by the end.

Walking With Lukas


Haven't seen Lukas in ages. I also apparently didn't mention him the last time we did this and now I can't find it (edit: found it!). Anyway, we went walking around Brighton and it was a lot of fun. I tried a new thing with making a video and taking stills. It kinda worked, but it was a lot of effort and I'm not sure if I'll do it a lot more.

First Person Timelapse Proof of Concept


I've wanted to use the GoPro for something significant for a while and I think I had an idea. Strap it to my chest, walk around taking pictures, edit in my results. Is it watchable? Maybe?



I've been going through a phase of writing a lot recently. Work's been pleasantly busy - lots of smaller, fun tasks to work on doing things I don't get to do a lot. We've got something big starting soon so it's always nice to get stuff done before I need to get my head down.



It's getting light about 4am at the moment. That's too early. Went for a quick skate to the marina and the sea was lovely. I really need to go for a swim at some point. Keep saying I'm going to then not doing it.

The last few weeks


I have taken a lot of photos over the last few weeks but I can't always be bothered to post them. They go on Instagram so I can get that sweet, sweet attention, but I get no attention here so it always gets neglected.



I have nearly modded and upgraded all the main Game Boys. I don't want to do a Micro, and I just have a DMG left to do.



Got a squirrel feeder for the fence outside our living room window because the squirrels like the fence.

Can't beat the classics


Sea was wild today. And then it rained forever and we watched movies and ate curry and I had caffeine too late and now I'm wide awake at 1am.

Where did my baby go?


Why is she so grown up now. Please, time; just stop for a little while.