The last few weeks

The last few weeks

I have taken a lot of photos over the last few weeks but I can't always be bothered to post them. They go on Instagram so I can get that sweet, sweet attention, but I get no attention here so it always gets neglected.



I have nearly modded and upgraded all the main Game Boys. I don't want to do a Micro, and I just have a DMG left to do.



Got a squirrel feeder for the fence outside our living room window because the squirrels like the fence.

Can't beat the classics

Can't beat the classics

Sea was wild today. And then it rained forever and we watched movies and ate curry and I had caffeine too late and now I'm wide awake at 1am.

Where did my baby go?

Where did my baby go?

Why is she so grown up now. Please, time; just stop for a little while.


I've always wanted to capture some lightning. Wish I'd got a proper camera set up on a tripod ready to go for this sort of thing but I can't live in such a prepared state so I'll have to settle for a few slow motion video clips. I think they came out cool. iMovie on iOS is hard work though.

Seed casing timelapse

Seed casing timelapse

Charlotte's growing some seeds in our bedroom window, and one of her courgettes got a seed casing stuck on its leaves. I was hoping it would make a cool timelapse and I was not disappointed.

Smash Lunch Club

I've never really been into Smash. It always felt like such a silly format for a 2D fighting gam...

Gentry Stein at Churchill Square

Pretty lucky turn of events - Gentry Stein was randomly performing in the shopping centre in Bri...


Kid's getting crazy good at handstands. Not sure how this happened but she seems to be pra...

Walking Around Brighton Marina

We went for a walk around the marina, and I Iiked the light and weird fishing paraphernalia so I m...



Jump in Puddles

Love jumping in puddles...

Instagram in 2016

All these things happened...


I could do that. I just don't want to...


Slow Motion...

Four minutes of Fire Juggling

Juggling is impressive, but everything is more impressive when fire is involved...


Photos of waves breaking in Rottingdean...

Morvélo Battle Royale

I've been looking forward to the Morvélo Battle Royale for ages. Unfortunately, Tabitha is ill so...

The Grand, Old Duke of York

Every time Tabitha starts doing something new, it's fairly likely it'll become my favourite thing...