Aimless and wandering


Spent the afternoon wandering around Brighton and catching up with a friend I haven't seen for ages. We covered the seafront, pier, Laines, Churchill Square, out towards Hove just chatting and shooting.

I love taking pictures with other people. Everyone's got such a different process; it's interesting watching how people approach scenes to try and get what they're looking for.

I left my bag at the office and brought the Canon with 70-200mm to try and learn it a bit better. My main take-away is that this is an incredible lens and I get why people love it so much. It's so fast, and you get such great reach that you can get close to some lovely moments that you'd just disturb with other lenses. I would never have considered 70-200 for street, and it is a massive piece of glass, but it's hard to complain about the results.

This lady was chasing a seagull trying to get a picture, and the seagull wasn't having any of it. I wish it had a different background, but the seagull's little strut makes me very happy

The basketball courts down near i360 are so busy. I could take pictures of people playing all day

I am in love with this picture, and the Full English headline on the back encapsulates the British seaside atmosphere perfectly.

I loved watching this woman playing violin. That disinterested look on her face, and the way the wind's caught her dress.

Another from the basketball courts. The sun was low in the sky, and these guys were on each other like glue. Couldn't have timed this better for the light

When I have a good day taking pictures like this, it makes me want to go straight back out and keep going. I'm so happy with some of the portraits I got today.