Brighton Pier

Now that Tabitha is tall enough, we went to the pier to go on the more grown-up rides. It took longer than I thought to get round to it but the weather has been pretty unpleasant recently.

I grew up with a mop fair on my doorstep once a year so I'm pretty familiar with these fairground-type rides. I understand why people don't like them - they feel pretty sketchy at times, and when I'm hanging upside down I can't help but wonder how often they're checked for safety, and what year they were made.

There's something classically British about a seaside fair, to me. I loved doing this with her, and she had a great time too. She'd been looking forward to it for so long!

It was incredibly expensive, though.

A good feeling

I'd wager that one unexpected message from someone who means a lot to you is worth more than all the cold, anonymous social media interaction the internet could fling your way.

My leg hurts. I fell on the ice and I think I've hurt my ankle, but I've been ignoring that and trying to carry on as normal, which I shouldn't have done.

Today we walked to the marina because I wanted to close my activity rings in the easiest way possible, and the sea was super rough. I also wanted to get some photos of the waves crashing from a different perspective. I like the way it looks, actually, but flying in those winds was pretty nervewracking thankyouverymuch.

My leg hurts.


I think I'm almost done sulking. We walked into town to get some Poutine from Befries and I took some photos. Shock, right?

Sea was so nice and calm today. Love when it's like that.

Found the king of the bins.

Watched these waves crashing a bit. Something about it was very satisfying.

They were doing something with a digger on the beach. Didn't know what. Still don't know what.

Then, the poutine. Been looking forward to this all week, and intrigued by the concept since the Worth it episode, and it did not disappoint. I was a bit apprehensive about cheese curds but they're just like a chewy mozzarella with more flavour so I'm completely into it. We had 3 - regular, topped with kimchi, and topped with stuffing. I love stuffing.

It was super filling, and I don't think I need to eat ever again. Probably will though.

A truckload of flowers

Spotted whilst I was wandering this morning. Wanted to get in and lie down but I've seen enough cop shows to be pretty scared of getting trapped in the back of a lorry.


I got up early to go and get this sunrise eagle-eye shot of the pier. I was lucky today because there was no-one around. Normally on a Friday morning there's some folks loitering around, but the beach was mine today.

It's very difficult to predict what's going to do numbers to use the parlance of our time. That's why I believe you shouldn't care about such things and just make what you want. Build it, and they will come, as they say.

I struggle, and have struggled, with calling myself a this and a that. Having a camera doesn't make me a photographer in the same way that having a bike doesn't make me Chris Hoy. But I do feel, as I am increasingly able to use photographic equipment to make images that I see in my head first, that I may be on my way there.

Relax, I'm a little way away from an insufferable Twitter bio claiming "polymath" and "autodidact", but gaining some confidence in my ability to make things with a camera feels good. And it feels great to do it with flagrant disregard for how it will be received. Just to make something to make it and shoot it out into the world, like the first photo of a dog in space.

Please like my photos though, I live for your approval