To Sit

This was initially intended to be a funny photo but the composition just wouldn't work. Where this guy is sitting is the brow of a mound that encircles Brighton nudist beach and provides a little bit of contradictory privacy. You frequently see people walking along the top of this hill, not realising what it's for because they haven't seen the signposts. People do seem to learn quite quickly, though.

Unfortunately, to get him and a signpost in the frame just wouldn't have worked so here we are with this wannabe-artsy affair instead. I guess it kinda works, but it isn't funny.

This Dapper Gentleman

This was lucky. I can't do panning.


Found a roll of Tri-X, probably long expired, and since I was so happy with the roll I finally put through the T2, I thought I'd try this in it. I'm happy with a lot of the results. Some things were weird and I'm not sure why but I'll try a new roll at some point and see if it helps.

It's certainly a lot more grainy than I was expecting but it's a very pleasant grain.

The Sea

I've never seen the sea this calm here. Perfect stone-skipping material. I haven't skipped stones in maybe two decades. Good day.

For some reason, this photo got thirty likes on Instagram. My photos rarely get that many likes (and yet I still post frequently!), and I'm not really sure why this one was able to climb to such lofty heights but it did.

Seaside days off

Had a couple of days off. Went to the seaside. Took the most touristy photo in history.