The new iPhone is good


I got the iPhone 13 Pro. So far, most noticeable improvements are the screen and the camera. The animation is so smooth it's really starting to feel like the things on the screen are real physical things that you can touch. I don't have much to compare because I only use Apple stuff but I love their screens. Everything looks great on them. The stills from the camera are excellent as well. I feel like it's a noticeable improvement from the 12 Pro, which is the first time I've noticed that. Usually they're pretty incremental improvements but I think a lot has gone into the camera hardware on this version. It's starting to feel like the camera I'd recommend to people saying they want to try getting into photography. I didn't miss the Canon at all today (OK maybe missed the 70-200 a couple of times, but certainly didn't miss carrying it).

These are all processed with Darkroom, which is the best I've found so far for editing Apple ProRAW. I can't be bothered to caption them all now, but I might be bothered later. I wonder if I'll remember to remove this if I do bother later.

6 CF0 D7 C6 DB2 F 4469 8 EB5 D713741 F451 B
90 DA0 A34 6 B5 F 471 C 99 F8 EF30485815 F1
B0574 C8 B D56 B 45 F6 A7 D0 4 F35 D42 B8 A9 D
E3 F054 DE 93 F1 4 CBD ABA7 7 D16 BBA92383
C3424246 56 B3 47 C0 AEBD BE219638 A2 DE
BBA200 A5 4 D6 F 4 C65 83 CB 37 CF7 C27266 D
DA625 B63 FABC 40 C1 8 D0 C BFDCDC235 DC5
B878297 C ACC9 44 DA B176 0 E6 E0 CC654 FF
B21 A9844 507 C 462 D 98 DB 01 B92 FB6 C763
25 DAF008 E326 46 A6 8 FC5 B4 ECC9 ABC031
126 B03 E4 F42 A 406 C 95 F0 3464 D687273 F
5 DF7 A383 D877 4 EEB BB2 E 2 B9 DFE9 F7 E94
36 D49306 3846 426 C AAE1 CBF6 E1 F64765
CBCD1 E07 6 FFE 43 A3 AE67 CEA9 E7 C7727 F
48521282 9586 4686 BB0 B A9 F3996 FCDEF
55 B275 F9 5 C5 D 4 F4 D 9736 58 E1 CBC8 BA34
487 DC8 E4 5 AB7 4889 A38 F 82 EF856 C8 CB5
30 C3 F8 D0 368 C 4 F20 B778 8108 FF64508 D
D5 E79 DFD E832 467 E 8 D8 E 77 EA0 A6 D4 C45
A0 CFFFA5 2391 4984 84 EA C930 F9 D3 FF53
95 C8 FE88 C283 4516 80 DA 051 F269226 BD
11 F6 AFB6 4700 4790 ACAF 9 C5 BEF076 B75
4 DE43550 C403 4 DCB 8597 ADA3 F250 BE75
E65 D36 B0 9 BBC 4579 9069 2 A124 C763553
BC1 F7 B23 AB43 428 D BDF7 0 F63 BD732036
38464 F2 A EB75 4 CC2 8121 32 D3916 A7 ABD
3602 ADC6 C991 4783 BEE3 58 F029 F4101 E
6 C68 E31 F EBFE 4 DB5 A7 CC 902 ACAE1392 E
E342405 B 0257 4 FC1 8 AB9 44 BC61 D545 B5
6 ECA8 AA7 FE8 A 4 B30 87 E1 D547 BF126 E4 F
A523 A5 CF C9 BF 4578 836 C 484 D41 CB5802
7 ACCF58 E BCD6 444 C 8 A4 C 6860 E9 F3 E2 FC
2 D0 EA693 9 A38 4276 A9 B6 A4 C99 D76 FBE7
74819322 239 D 403 D 85 F9 29646 AC53744
D3609 C95 2896 48 DF 8 A01 A765 A4 F24767
36 EA2 C10 F592 4 AE5 A575 258 B1 A4 DE0 A1
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