The new iPhone is good

I got the iPhone 13 Pro. So far, most noticeable improvements are the screen and the camera. The animation is so smooth it's really starting to feel like the things on the screen are real physical things that you can touch. I don't have much to compare because I only use Apple stuff but I love their screens. Everything looks great on them. The stills from the camera are excellent as well. I feel like it's a noticeable improvement from the 12 Pro, which is the first time I've noticed that. Usually they're pretty incremental improvements but I think a lot has gone into the camera hardware on this version. It's starting to feel like the camera I'd recommend to people saying they want to try getting into photography. I didn't miss the Canon at all today (OK maybe missed the 70-200 a couple of times, but certainly didn't miss carrying it).

These are all processed with Darkroom, which is the best I've found so far for editing Apple ProRAW. I can't be bothered to caption them all now, but I might be bothered later. I wonder if I'll remember to remove this if I do bother later.