The same thing three times

Someone asked me why I use Darkroom for my Apple ProRAW but Lightroom for my Big Camera RAWs. I didn't have a good answer for this, and then I noticed the light/darkroom thing and it's been annoying me all day.

I decided to process one image in the same way that I process camera RAWs in Lightroom and I am, once again, very surprised and happy with the results. So, in spite of the fact that I'm not the biggest fan of Adobe; you go where the quality is, right?

I do like Darkroom but they do give the images a far more "processed on your phone" look than Lightroom does. Seeing side-by-side how much colour detail is gone in Darkroom, and how much shadow detail you can retain whilst keeping those nice creamy tones in Lightroom is an instant dealbreaker for me.

Original, flattened to JPEG
My Darkroom process
My Lightroom process

Being honest I think I can do better on the Lightrooom one to liven up the colours a bit without going too far, but even just as a quick comparison, the differences are quite apparent to me. Have I mentioned I'm a fan of this camera I think I have.

These ProRAW images are huge though. My Canon's are about 20MB, but this one was 51MB.