This heron taught me a valuable lesson this weekend. Every time I walked past the pond, I didn't have my camera. The last time I decided to go back and get it because I'd had enough of missing him. When I returned, he was gone, because of course he was. Finally managed to catch him and got a few I really liked. Always carry a camera.

The problem with this sort of thing is it starts me trying to justify ridiculous gear purchases. Like I definitely need a Canon 400mm f4, just to take photos of birds for free.

Unfortunately, because of where he was standing, I couldn't get any decent shots of him fishing, but use your imagination!

I liked his grumpy face when a dive yielded nothing.

Sunday Rock-pooling

Tabitha wanted to go rock-pooling; Charlotte wanted to make soft pretzels. Who am I to argue with either of them?

Incredibly hot day today. Perfect for someone with my complexion to be standing in direct sunlight for an hour!

This guy was just playing his wooden flute, as you do.

Can't be hanging out with us if you have that fear of stuff with holes in

Best to follow the seagulls - they know where all the interesting stuff is. Only saw dead crabs, fish and shrimps. I think they beat us to it all.

This guy was chipping off the groyne stones. In case you needed any more reasons not to climb on these things.

Tabitha has her portrait sketched

I see this lady around the village all the time. We saw her sketching a lady at the Rottingdean fair, and liked her style so got her to sketch Tabitha's likeness. The pressure of doing this job must be crazy for the wrong sort of people. I guess that's why caricatures are more popular than earnest pictures. The risk:reward is way off if you're trying to draw a picture someone might like!

Humans Being Bros

No idea where these duckings came from. I'm guessing the mother was trying to keep them from the seagulls but now it's time to get them to the pond.

These lovely people were helping the seagulls' lunch ducklings get to the pond without getting crushed by impatient motorists.

Grey Beach

I went on a beach clean in the rain as part of a school trip with Tabitha's school. Beforehand I went for a wander among the rockpools. I really like anemones.

There was a nice dog at the clean. He would have been fluffy, were it not for the rain.