The last few weeks

I have taken a lot of photos over the last few weeks but I can't always be bothered to post them. They go on Instagram so I can get that sweet, sweet attention, but I get no attention here so it always gets neglected.

We went out for a bike ride, for the first time in ages.
Charlotte bought this tree-swing thing for Tabitha, but finding trees for it is harder than you'd think.
My switches, pins, and stroopwaffle arrived, at long last
Now that I've set it up, the RG351 is an excellent platform for playing old games. I've been playing Alex Kidd and the Enchanted Castle, and Altered Beast, amongst other things.
We went to a park.
Charlotte made pizza.
I got a lubing station from Candykeys, and removing all the plastic was an almost-unbearable exercise.
We went rockpooling
I say "we"; Charlotte was not into it
You see this a lot. I wish I could capture it happening

I have been practising my skating. It's been so good to return to it.

Tabitha and Sudo are best friends and I love it
I got a new sweater, and my hair has gone crazy
Still using QAZ for all my leisure keyboarding. It's surprisingly usable.

I got a Mission Workshop Khyte. It's a great piece of kit but it needed a Fidlock buckle here.
And I used Charlotte's sewing machine to make these handcuffs...
...which fortunately double as a lock-holster and tripod carrier.

I've been revisiting split column stagger boards for work. Sofle is so good but there's something I don't love about it. Really looking forward to my IMK Corne's arrival
These are good
I got some split board wrist rests. These work quite well
I got Amoebas for a Dactyl build I'm planning

We went for a walk the other day and there was a load of sea mist. It was excellent for photos.
It's the old boy