I am absolutely sick of my devices thinking they're smarter than I am. Every morning I get on my bike to use Zwift, turn on my iPad (for TV) and phone (for Zwift) and my phone is like "he wants to listen to Zwift" and pulls my Airpods from my iPad. I then have to quit one of the apps to force it to either give up or request access to my headphones. It is absolutely infuriating.

And my phone has just done it with my cabled headphones. I plugged them in, and my phone decided (even though I don't think I've ever done this) that I wanted to output audio to my TV. Not the headphones that are physically plugged into the device. So I went to change that and my headphones disappeared as an option. They're physically plugged in! I had to re-plug them to get them to show up. So not only is wireless an unpredictable and unstable mess, but we're forgetting how to do cables now?!