Bit of a mixed bag of a weekend. Went to a stag, fired a gun, threw some axes, shot some arrows, went for a wander and saw a bit of a huge motorbike show on the seafront.

Against my better judgement, given that I currently have tennis elbow and golfer's elbow, but it turned out to not be that bad.

There were some crazy bikes on show. I absolutely love motorbikes but I also love going fast so having one seems like a bad idea.

Something about this caught my eye. Dunno what but it doesn't fit the theme at all!


This heron taught me a valuable lesson this weekend. Every time I walked past the pond, I didn't have my camera. The last time I decided to go back and get it because I'd had enough of missing him. When I returned, he was gone, because of course he was. Finally managed to catch him and got a few I really liked. Always carry a camera.

The problem with this sort of thing is it starts me trying to justify ridiculous gear purchases. Like I definitely need a Canon 400mm f4, just to take photos of birds for free.

Unfortunately, because of where he was standing, I couldn't get any decent shots of him fishing, but use your imagination!

I liked his grumpy face when a dive yielded nothing.

Please don't take my bottle

Sudo had to have a load of teeth out a while back because he will not let us clean them. And if he wouldn't let us before, the existentialism that would force a person to acquiesce has not hit him yet so it's probably only going to get worse.

He used to love playing with these bottles but went off it after his extractions. Now he's apparently back on it as if nothing happened. Dogs are smart.

This sofa is filthy because it's a dog bed now so don't start.

Sunday Rock-pooling

Tabitha wanted to go rock-pooling; Charlotte wanted to make soft pretzels. Who am I to argue with either of them?

Incredibly hot day today. Perfect for someone with my complexion to be standing in direct sunlight for an hour!

This guy was just playing his wooden flute, as you do.

Can't be hanging out with us if you have that fear of stuff with holes in

Best to follow the seagulls - they know where all the interesting stuff is. Only saw dead crabs, fish and shrimps. I think they beat us to it all.

This guy was chipping off the groyne stones. In case you needed any more reasons not to climb on these things.

Birmingham 2019: Day 4

Final day mooching around Birmingham, and the obligatory shots of Grand Central, which I love. The change from the Pallasades is unreal. Had to try and get some nice shots with all this lovely mirrored panelling.

Before the drive home, we did the obligatory Finding of Some Sort of Animal Park, and ended up back at Cannon Hill Park for the nature reserve. It could've been the grey day, or the fact that we were right next to a busy road, but this was a very sad one. I took a lot of pictures, but most of the animals looked super sad or bored. Not into it. Two-toed sloths and baby monkeys, though!

The meerkats know when it's nearly feeding time!

I am very glad to be home. It's not really been a relaxing break from work!