Portrait landscapes

I love this serpentine wall. It's listed!

This disused toilet block is not listed.

And this river overflow comes out in flower when it's not being a river.

Not sure what this was going to be, but it's not going to be that any more.

Little ramble with the girls. I miss them like crazy whenever I'm away.

I watched this video and, whilst I wasn't a huge fan, he has a really nice little bit of advice about shooting landscapes - look for layers. So we went out for a walk this evening and I took the 70-200 to look for layers. Had a lot of fun, and quite pleased with the results. The charming light definitely helps!

I need a better way to display portrait images on landscape screens because I do not like this at all, and it's irritating me. This whole thing needs a redesign, really.

And some landscapes

The abbey looked nice today, with the wild flowers and apples in the foreground.

And this shiny little fellow let me get pretty close.


Finally went to Drusillas for the first time today. It was great but I think the rides are a bit young for Tabitha at this point. The animals are great, though. We love animals. I have a bit of an internal conflict about animals in captivity, as it feels wrong but I love to see them up close. Like it's OK to be a hypocrite if you're aware that you're being a hypocrite.

This reminded me of my favourite painting.

Let's go fly a kite

I've never flown a kite before. It was pretty fun. I think the wind strength round here was a big help - I assumed you needed some hidden knack but the kite just sorta went for a fly of its own accord.

Now I want to get a proper kite because this one basically fell apart.

Tabitha has her portrait sketched

I see this lady around the village all the time. We saw her sketching a lady at the Rottingdean fair, and liked her style so got her to sketch Tabitha's likeness. The pressure of doing this job must be crazy for the wrong sort of people. I guess that's why caricatures are more popular than earnest pictures. The risk:reward is way off if you're trying to draw a picture someone might like!

Humans Being Bros

No idea where these duckings came from. I'm guessing the mother was trying to keep them from the seagulls but now it's time to get them to the pond.

These lovely people were helping the seagulls' lunch ducklings get to the pond without getting crushed by impatient motorists.