BastardKB Charybdis Nano


4697 BAA4 552 B 4946 8 F2 F B3603 C1 A7 BA9

I love this board, and the deskmat gives me motion sickness; somehow in a good way.

  • BastardKB Charybdis Nano
  • Logitech MX Ergo ball (the black one isn't the right hue for this print)
  • JLC Nylon prints
  • GMK Analog Dreams
  • Dreadkeys Analog Dreams Wormhole
  • Gazzew LT 55g
  • Flex Cables SA Hávamál cable with LEMO
  • Flex Cables TRRS
  • Catfromonomochi Deep R2 Deskmat

I love this thing. It's the Skeletyl (my previous favourite board) with a trackball so I only need to move my hands to have a drink or pick my nose.

This was a difficult build but satisfying. When things aren't working, but they only don't seem to be working and they actually are; that's the best kind of "not working". Nothing's broken except how you measure or recognise success (I had my trackball sensor on upside down - always make note of how things look before you take them apart).

So when it finally started working it was like "ohhhh I'm stupid". I can live with that; I mostly live like that.

So anyway I think I'm done with keyboards now. I have a Pelican case coming for this, and I want to get some brass/copper plates, but it'd be pointless for me to build more boards now. I won't tell you how many keycap sets I am waiting for.

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