Lazy Designers Duo and Apricot


Feels like ages since I got a new keyboard but it almost definitely isn't. I've had a premium QAZ-shaped hole in my collection for a while. No more!



Wish I'd taken more photos this month.



Dan wanted another HMKB but they didn't have beige so he went for grey. It's surprisingly difficult to match a keycap set with a grey case.

Keyboard Pano


I've had the idea for this in my head for a while but couldn't be bothered to do it until now. I had to add something to my site for it to work. Probably broken in your browser.

Dilemma v1 Choc


I love the Dilemma but my Charybdis fits way better on my desk. Decided to put some low profile switches on the Dilemma so I can throw it in my bag and use it when I'm not at my desk. So far so good.

KBDCraft Adam


I got this for Tabitha. Well, I got this then I remembered I can't type on row stagger any more so I decided it would become for Tabitha. And she built the case and put the switches in, so she's on her way to a new addiction.

Hey Jasper, what keyboards are you using at the moment?


I'm so glad you asked, title! I wish the Le Chiffre (strange phrasing, that) had made it into rotation but it aggravates my RSI so I don't think it will.

P3D Le Chiffre Invisibolt


I've wanted one of these for ages but I thought it was a limited group buy. P3D has the goods, and they are worth it!



I've been so busy with work since I got back from Nashville, and the weather sucked too much to go out taking pictures most days. Still I got a few snaps, even if they're pretty crummy, most of them.

I cheated. It's a photo dump post!


I haven't done one of these for ages because I like posts to be a bit more coherent, but I don't have the motivation (or sufficient content) for that so here's some snaps so that I don't have to do 3 Friday posts in a row. That'd be embarrassing.



I've wanted an excuse to use a Pelican case for something for ages. I got a mini one with my ACS headphones years ago and I love how official and purposeful they are.

BastardKB Charybdis Nano


I genuinely don't see how I could improve on this.

How do you type numbers though?


Having spent a week back on a "normal" 65% board, I have concluded that these tiny, weirdo split boards are the best and I'm probably done exploring keyboards for now. Here's now I use them.

HMKB65, Gazzew LT, GMK Bento


There's been a long wait for this one, but it was so worth it.

Wireless crkbd with JLC Nylon plate and case


I am determined to get used to a Choc setup. It's definitely getting there with this.

crkbd LP 3x5


This is essentially an LP Corne version of my Skeletyl, and I am very into it but I still haven't found Kailh Choc switches that I like.

Making a working <= 36 key layout


The pursuit of minimalism in keyboard layouts is as much an exercise in programming muscle memory as it is indulging Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Making a usable layout on something that only has a few more keys than the English alphabet has letters is pretty tricky.

BastardKB Skeletyl Amoeba Handwire


Never thought I'd be able to do something like this, but once you can connect a wire to something, and you get the theory, it's fairly straightforward to build.

WSK Pain27


I've wanted to build one of these for ages but every time I looked it's been out of stock.



As soon as I built this case, the first thing I wanted to do was take this picture.