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This cat lies wherever she pleases. Even if I end up getting a furry little foot in my dinner.

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Didn't get this in Nashville, but it will always remind me of Nashville.

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Christmas Day pizza, as is tradition. Vivera shawarma and brussels sprouts, natch.

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Listened to as much music as possible. This new Hermanos GutiƩrrez is really relaxing.

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Tried the Vegan Whopper. Prefer it to the McPlant, even though it's a little dry.

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We went to Cardiff for a few days for a change of scenery, which obviously means consecutive nights of Just Eat in a hotel room. First night was this amazing paneer pizza. Fries were a little soggy though.

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View from our hotel was good.

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Wish I could've got closer and taken better pictures of these but I loved the colours on this grey day

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Double rainbow in the ice rink car park.

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I will always love to skate

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Tabitha tried horse-riding for the first time (against my wishes - I abhor horse-riding)

I've been so busy with work since I got back from Nashville, and the weather sucked too much to go out taking pictures most days. Still I got a few snaps, even if they're pretty crummy, most of them.

I managed to finish the Aurora Sweep build I'd been stuck on. It's such a nice layout, but the build was a huge pain in the ass. Tenting puck works way better than on my Dilemma.

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I got my hair cut! I'm pretty much convinced that N.K. Jemisin is incapable of writing books that I don't love. The...