This silly cat


This little bozo has been quite amusing lately.

That cloud looks threatening


It was at this point, the farthest from home we were planning to be, that we realised our error.

A very busy couple of weeks


Had a really hectic couple of weeks trying to get a feature finished at work and it'd been pretty much occupying my mind all the time. I'm almost done with it now and apparently I still managed to take quite a few photos?

Two weekends, two car shows


I do love a good car show. I think I still prefer things on the more modded side like InCarNation but there was some very cool stuff on display here.

The things you carry


The things I carry change relatively frequently, but the things I carry are fairly consistent.

InCarNation 2024


Back again! No Boxsters but there was an absolutely incredible NSX that I definitely don't want 🥵

Protozoa's Milo stole my escape key


I haven't used a rotary encoder on a board since I started using column stagger splits under 40% but look how cute!

Lambing at Middle Farm


We went lambing at Middle Farm with Dan, Allyson and their two boys. They were too young for it, and I think Tabitha is too old now. Plus it's a weirdly corporate affair.

St Leonards Small Plates


A couple of very good friends moved from Brighton to St Leonards. We love St Leonards and so any excuse to eat our way round there for a day works for me!

Photos of cats and food


Weirdly quiet few weeks for taking pictures. I just can't get my eye in for it at all. It's a bit disheartening looking at my camera roll and seeing the same thing repeatedly.

Lazy Designers Duo and Apricot


Feels like ages since I got a new keyboard but it almost definitely isn't. I've had a premium QAZ-shaped hole in my collection for a while. No more!

Some recent pictures


I have been on a bit of a kick with computers and coding recently, which has meant fewer pictures. Unless you count pictures of half-assembled computers. Which, this week, we do.



I've wanted to build a computer inside a Pelican case for a while now, and it's getting closer.



Tabitha played a badminton match in Winchester and we went for a little mooch beforehand.

Like a Sunday Morning


I was up early so I decided to listen to a couple of the new records I got this week. True to form, as soon as I got started, Tabitha was up.

This horrible cat


Friday does not like to sit on, or even near, people. The best you can hope for is, when she wants you to go to bed, she'll try to get behind you on the sofa.



We went to our favourite restaurant and Tabitha did some jumping

Day Off


I figured the move on Friday, and Tabitha's badminton match on Sunday would mean I didn't get much of a weekend, so I booked Monday off as well.



I helped a friend move house yesterday. It was a lot. Was looking forward to a relaxing day today, that didn't really end up being.

You're never done being a Sandwich Artist


We found these Juicy Marbles things in Waitrose a while back and they're our favourite meat alternative. Terrible name though.