The last few weeks


An eye for composition is something that leaves you if you don't use it.

Bonus Day Off Skate


I booked Monday off to recover from ArcTanGent, then forgot I'd done it and didn't realise until just before I left. Tabitha cycled; I skated.

Steam Deck Upgrades


Absolutely sick of the 512GB space limit on my Steam Deck so I grabbed a 2TB SSD for mine. The swap is pretty easy, but very nervewracking taking something like this apart.



Carbs are my favourite; did you know? This isn't only going to be pictures of food, and it's over the course of a month so give me a break (it's still not good 🤫 I know).

What I'm saying is it's another photo dump post.

Some photos


Just because I'm not taking good photos, doesn't mean I'm not taking photos. I just save them up and drop them all at once so the inferior quality seems less obvious.



You know things are spiralling when you're thinking about Friday on a Monday!



I've been so busy with work since I got back from Nashville, and the weather sucked too much to go out taking pictures most days. Still I got a few snaps, even if they're pretty crummy, most of them.

Stars and Christmas Lights


Went to go and look at some local Christmas lights. Didn't really find any but did have a go at taking some photos of the stars since it was a clear night. Moderately happy with the results I guess?

clipping. at Chalk


I've wanted to see clipping. live for so long. I nearly got to, but then covid happened which I didn't love. This is also the first time I've been to The Haunt since they renamed it Chalk and they did a great job on the refurb.



This silly cat is getting quite big. She is very funny and annoying. I like having a kitten but I'm fine with her just being a cat now.

Conjurer at Green Door Store


I haven't been bothered by taking pictures at shows much since ArcTanGent but this had quite a cool atmosphere and was sold out in a small venue so wanted to try and capture that.

Trick or Treat!


I've never been trick or treating before. It was quite fun.

The last two weeks I guess


Lots of work, lots of badminton, not a lot of much else.



It's Friday. We watched a video on why some cats have favourites and now family life has become a very passive aggressive competition to win the cat's love. I'm going to win, because I'm going to cheat.



I said I wasn't going to post more Friday posts, then did two in a row. Self motivation is a strange thing.

The Weekend


Went to Andy and Alanna's wedding. Ate lots of nice food. Dressed like a fancy boy. Went for a long walk. Ate more nice food.