Stars and Christmas Lights


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88 CF2 A17 7 BE7 441 D 9102 2909 F5 D1174 A
A3 C12 B9 D C847 47 A7 9 CB5 4 CDA83 BED305
9 F73 B48 E D670 4 FB6 99 B6 1 CE5 E8 CA298 A

Children are so easily entertained. Sometimes.

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C6 A8 C413 B9 AA 47 DD 9 CB1 B336 CC94 D461

Went to go and look at some local Christmas lights. Didn't really find any but did have a go at taking some photos of the stars since it was a clear night. Moderately happy with the results I guess?

It must be that time of year again I went for a walk