Bonus Day Off Skate


I booked Monday off to recover from ArcTanGent, then forgot I'd done it and didn't realise until just before I left. Tabitha cycled; I skated. It was a very nice time. Lovely weather; not too busy. We ended up doing about 18km I think - the skate workout on Apple Watch doesn't collect GPS data. I feel like I already knew that but it still annoys me.

IMG 5513

After at least a year (actually I think it's two) on the shelf, a lot of my bearings were in a pretty bad way so I stripped everything down, soaked in isopropanol, and stuck some chain lube in there and now they run great. New bearings cost a lot more than I expected. I probably need new wheels soon too.

IMG 5514
IMG 5515

Skitching on Tabitha's bike saddle. Never done this before but it does make things significantly easier.

Flying Scotsman at Bluebell Railway ArcTanGent 2023