Flying Scotsman at Bluebell Railway

Tabitha and I went on the Flying Scotsman. I admired this train as a kid, and being able to see it up close, and ride on it was a weird dormant childhood dream to fulfil.

I wanted to try and get a cool picture but was pretty sure I would never get one on the platform (sadly I was more right than I anticipated - it was so busy) so Tabitha and I left a little early and scoped out a couple of spots where the track crosses a road to park up and throw the drone up to try and get a picture.

This was where I learned that the drone's stills lag is actually a shutter lag and not a processing lag (i.e it doesn't release the shutter and then spend time processing like my phone does - it does some stuff, then captures your picture, which makes moving subjects impossible to capture if they're moving in-to-out of the frame. I got this first picture on my fifth attempt, and I still consider it 80/20 luck/skill. Still, I got the shot; but not without some compromise in my framing to increase the chance of getting the train in frame. I refuse to drop from 48MP.