I helped a friend move house yesterday. It was a lot. Was looking forward to a relaxing day today, that didn't really end up being.

KGL (kids get lost)


Tabitha has been at PGL this week, so Charlotte and I went to Rye and Hastings for a few days.

A very busy bank holiday weekend


Went back home to take my mum and aunt out for lunch to celebrate their very-much-deserved retirement. Nearly melted in our hotel room. Went to a beach, a car show, and had some ice cream.

Flying Scotsman at Bluebell Railway


Tabitha and I went on the Flying Scotsman. I admired this train as a kid, and being able to see it up close, and ride on it was a weird dormant childhood dream to fulfil

I got eaten by ants


It was dry for 15 minutes so I wanted to go and fly my drone a bit. Unfortunately, the ants also wanted to fly and it was quite unpleasant.

Scotland 2023


Nice little getaway to Scotland. I had never been before, so we decided to spend a few days in Glasgow, then a few in Edinburgh.

Taking the moral high ground and salting the low ground


I know you should try to be the bigger person when someone does something to annoy you, but it always ends up making me feel like a chump.