KGL (kids get lost)


Tabitha has been at PGL this week, so Charlotte and I went to Rye and Hastings for a few days. This was Charlotte's first night away from Tabitha, so also mine and Charlotte's first night away together in over 10.5 years.

It felt weird.

(as usual these are going to be the least holiday-snappish holiday snaps. Leave me alone)

2 G5 A2875

Our room at The George in Rye

2 G5 A2876

Our bathroom at The George in Rye

2 G5 A2883
2 G5 A2892

Rye is cute

2 G5 A2894

The George is not a place you go to if you don't eat meat. We had almost everything vegetarian on their menu and it was surprisingly delicious. Normally places like this have weak, lip-service vegetarian options but not here.

2 G5 A2897

The George in Rye has a lovely courtyard seating area

2 G5 A2898

I had Eggs Benedict for breakfast, with Linda Mccartney sausages because I am an uncultured swine and they didn't have vegetarian/vegan bacon.

2 G5 A2900
2 G5 A2901
DJI 0064
DJI 0065
2 G5 A2904

Charlotte being cute and trying to spot birds at RSPB

2 G5 A2907
2 G5 A2908
2 G5 A2915
2 G5 A2922

We went to Dungeness. This place is my kind of weird. I loved these vantablack houses, in particular

2 G5 A2930
2 G5 A2933
2 G5 A2934

Nuclear power at Dungeness

2 G5 A2938

Hide at Dungeness

2 G5 A2941

Charlotte looking for cool rocks at Dungeness

2 G5 A2943

Some of these converted utility buildings are ridiculous. I try not to be an envious person but damn

2 G5 A2948
2 G5 A2951
2 G5 A2955
2 G5 A2957

Old rope

2 G5 A2958
2 G5 A2960

Fortunately they were not live-firing today. Also, why do they do this

2 G5 A2968

Camber Sands

DJI 0069
2 G5 A2976

Hastings Pier

2 G5 A2978

Weird cloud art at Hastings prom

2 G5 A2977

Nice light on Hastings prom

DJI 0075

Overhead at the end of Hastings Old Town

DJI 0076

The east funicular lift

2 G5 A2981
2 G5 A2984

Steps, as the eastern funicular was out of order (and Charlotte wouldn't get on a funicular railway if you paid her)

2 G5 A2991

View from the top

2 G5 A2993
2 G5 A2994

Gelato at Di Polas. Very tasty, but not very photogenic

2 G5 A2995
2 G5 A2996

My burger at Half Man! Half Burger!

2 G5 A2998

Fries at HM!HB

2 G5 A2999

Charlotte's burger

2 G5 A3019

A pigeon drinking from a tap on Hastings promenade

Some nature The last few weeks