He's getting closer! He will be my friend

Garden Squirrels

Garden Squirrels

We've got squirrels in the garden at the moment. I'm not sure what's up with them but a couple of the younger ones have almost no fur on their tails.

The cows in the meadow

The cows in the meadow

I deviated from my route slightly to incorporate a hill I've never done before

More ducks!

More ducks!

Returned with a proper camera after watering the allotment. I love ducks.



We get seagulls in the garden a lot, stamping to drum up worms. Sneaky little devils, but you can't argue with its efficacy.



We were going to go to Brighton Pavilion's annual open day but the queues were ridiculous and I didn't want to spend my entire Sunday hanging out with the pigeons

A cat's life

A cat's life

This lazy brat didn't move from this position nearly the entire day.


This heron taught me a valuable lesson this weekend. Every time I walked past the pond, I didn't h...

Please don't take my bottle

Sudo had to have a load of teeth out a while back because he will not let us clean them. And i...

Sunday Rock-pooling

Tabitha wanted to go rock-pooling; Charlotte wanted to make soft pretzels. Who am I to argue with ei...

Birmingham 2019: Day 4

Final day mooching around Birmingham, and the obligatory shots of Grand Central, which I love. The c...

Jaws 'n' Claws

Had a great time at Jaws 'n' Claws at The Booth Museum. Tabitha held a giant snail after being too c...


Finally went to Drusillas for the first time today...

Humans Being Bros

I hate seagulls...


The longer I live with a cat, the more convinced I become that they're not meant to be pets. I...

A friendly showoff came to visit

Now that I am officially old, I like taking photos of the birds that come to our garden...


I got a 2x teleconverter to use with my 70-200mm f2.8. Using zooms with this Canon has...

Urban Swan

This swan has made a nest down by the flats at the marina. Going to keep an eye on this because I...

Sunday Birds

In the words of Ozzy Osbourne, "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired". I've been ill in some c...

The Open Market

I like the open market on London Road in Brighton. There's a lady there selling these delicious-look...