Lambing at Middle Farm


We went lambing at Middle Farm with Dan, Allyson and their two boys. They were too young for it, and I think Tabitha is too old now. Plus it's a weirdly corporate affair.

KGL (kids get lost)


Tabitha has been at PGL this week, so Charlotte and I went to Rye and Hastings for a few days.

Mandarin Duck on the Pond


I think this duck came to visit over the summer and has just stayed. I'm glad because I love him. Have been meaning to get down and take some pictures of him for a while but haven't had chance, and the light is pretty nice for taking pictures today.

Squirrels in the garden


Found this lovely garden in Lewes whilst Tabitha was playing badminton. Lots of tame squirrels around, which this cat was also enjoying.



I love to see the ducklings on the pond. Didn't see any last year, which I suppose means that the seagulls got to them very quickly. Horrible birds. Hope they make it this year, but it feels like they never do.

Friday +1


Fell asleep so early last night, and I haven't even taken many pictures this week. Overall write-off of a week.

Next Friday


A little scant on cat pictures this week. We've narrowed digestive issues down to biscuits and ears are slowly improving. Yay cats 😶

Middleton Butterfly Gardens


Charlotte wanted to go to the allotment, so Tabitha and I went to a butterfly farm. I love a good butterfly farm, and this one has a couple of frogs.

Freaky Friday


Ears clearing up, putting on weight, becoming more cat-like every day.

Friday Feeling


Pretty eventful week for a tiny cat. She loves to be the centre of attention, even when she's asleep.

This Friday


Continuing to settle in nicely. Totally OK with the dog now, so this week we'll be moving on to leaving her for short periods.

Somerset 2022


This year I am taking more holiday. Like everyone, my life feels like it hasn't moved for two years, and over the past couple of months I've felt like it's significantly affecting my mood, and my overall attitude to my life. I feel totally uninspired by taking pictures, right now, and that is something that has always been able to lift me up.



I took a day off work last week and walked into the city to get some doughnuts from Flour Pot as they only do them once a week.

Never Not Walking


It's becoming something of a routine, this walk into the city on a Saturday, and I don't mind it. This was hard work though. We were all exhausted by the end.

A little walk, and a couple of snaps


You're not always going to come back from a walk with an SD card full of winners, but sometimes you're just out for an hour and the light is golden, and you're looking at everything and framing it and everything looks beautiful and the photos you come home with don't really matter.



There's a family of lovely foxes at Charlotte's allotment. I've always wanted to take pictures of a fox from a reasonable distance. This was a real treat for me.

Bromsgrove Summer 2021


Going away anywhere is strange and makes me feel nervous pretty much constantly, but we managed to have a really nice few days away visiting family and friends for the first time in absolutely ages.

Bank Holiday Walk


Maybe it's just the Brit in me but it always seems that the best weather falls around bank holidays and never over them. Not this weekend, though. It's been lovely weather all weekend so we went for a walk. Lots of animals out enjoying the sun, but I can't say I'm envious of sheep in this heat.



Got a squirrel feeder for the fence outside our living room window because the squirrels like the fence.

I quite like these photo dumps


I just don't have the time or motivation to try and make some sort of nice photo post with some structure or theme, but I do still take photos I'd like to share.