The last few weeks


An eye for composition is something that leaves you if you don't use it. I've had a miserable couple of weeks and I'm not really sure why. Nothing's been notably worse than usual, other than my mood. I can't figure out if I'm less creative because I'm grumpy, or I'm grumpy because I'm less creative.

As you'll see, it's not because I haven't been making an effort to drag myself out of it!

2 G5 A2801

There was a big moon. I don't really have the equipment to capture this.

2 G5 A2799
IMG 5604

I got a Beepy (I want to recommend it but I just can't) and I got a couple of cases printed.

IMG 5619

I did a pickup swap on my guitar

2 G5 A2812

I made pizza

2 G5 A2807

Charlotte had a croissant

IMG 5633

Friday loves this chair

2 G5 A2835

I made pretzels. They were alright

2 G5 A2831

This guy fed the pigeons

2 G5 A2853
2 G5 A2840
2 G5 A2869

I thought this was wisteria but it's grapes!

2 G5 A2868
2 G5 A2861
2 G5 A2872

Tabitha and I had k-dogs from The Deli in Brighton. Hers was just a giant mozzarella stick and I was envious.

2 G5 A2873
IMG 5656

Charlotte and I went to see James Acaster. I love James Acaster (I know this is a crappy picture but it works as a memento)

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