Things that take four hours or more:

  • writing an importer for WordPress blog posts that gets URLs from XML export, then scrapes those URLs because the site uses ACF and that's the only way to get rendered markup that is actually useful for importing into non-WordPress systems
  • watching the classic 1999 movie The Matrix twice
  • driving from Brighton to Birmingham
  • two Formula One Grand Prix
  • editing a 30 second video
  • getting a terrible night's sleep
  • implementing and debugging one single custom Google Analytics 4 event in Google Tag Manager when it fires fine in Tag Manager but Analytics is not picking it up, and even after four hours you're not really done you've just washed your hands of the entire thing because life's too short to deal with this absolute cesspit of a product. It literally isn't even fit for its own purpose and I am done interacting with it.
  • watching a Best of Lee Mack compilation on YouYube, twice


The last few weeks Eating a healthy breakfast cereal isn't worth it for how miserable and unmotivated it makes me.