This silly cat


This little bozo has been quite amusing lately.

Photos of cats and food


Weirdly quiet few weeks for taking pictures. I just can't get my eye in for it at all. It's a bit disheartening looking at my camera roll and seeing the same thing repeatedly.

Some recent pictures


I have been on a bit of a kick with computers and coding recently, which has meant fewer pictures. Unless you count pictures of half-assembled computers. Which, this week, we do.

This horrible cat


Friday does not like to sit on, or even near, people. The best you can hope for is, when she wants you to go to bed, she'll try to get behind you on the sofa.

Long time, no see


Between work, and the sun setting at 3pm, I haven't been super motivated to take a lot of pictures the last couple of weeks. And I certainly haven't been motivated to yell them into the void.

The last few weeks


An eye for composition is something that leaves you if you don't use it.

I wish I was a cat


I mean just look at this lazy little jerk. Never seen anything like it, if I'm honest.

Saturday in Eastbourne


We went for a little walk around Eastbourne. I like it there. There's a weird number of Greek restaurants in very close proximity. They slice their halloumi laterally like I like it.

Bougie Cat Assists with Yarn-based Projects


Someone from badminton said Friday was bougie and I have taken it as a point of pride, but Charlotte has taken it personally.

Some photos


Just because I'm not taking good photos, doesn't mean I'm not taking photos. I just save them up and drop them all at once so the inferior quality seems less obvious.



You know things are spiralling when you're thinking about Friday on a Monday!

Unpredictable Cat is Unpredictable


I love a Christmas tree. It's like my favourite part of Christmas other than Christmas pizza. I would have bet real human currency that this stupid cat would climb the tree immediately but she continues to make a liar of me.



This silly cat is getting quite big. She is very funny and annoying. I like having a kitten but I'm fine with her just being a cat now.

The last two weeks I guess


Lots of work, lots of badminton, not a lot of much else.



It's Friday. We watched a video on why some cats have favourites and now family life has become a very passive aggressive competition to win the cat's love. I'm going to win, because I'm going to cheat.



I said I wasn't going to post more Friday posts, then did two in a row. Self motivation is a strange thing.



I brushed Friday this week and now she can stand to be in the same room as me. She actually follows me around and sits on the toilet whilst I brush my teeth.

Friday Saturday


Didn't do a post last week as I was away and also didn't take any cat pictures. We now have a big cardboard castle in the kitchen for some reason.



Friday is not enjoying the heat. Spends most of the day trying to find a cold surface to lie on; there isn't one, sorry.