Some recent pictures


IMG 6311

One day this cyberdeck thing is going to come together. To be honest, the RaspberryPi 5 is a little disappointing, in that it's not really possible to run off a battery at the moment. That pretty significantly limits my plans but now I'm floating towards having it as a box with computer that I can plug in for various little things.

2 G5 A4916

Friday loves a good pose with her grumpy face

2 G5 A4920

We went for a walk by the houseboats in Shoreham again, and there's been some building work since we were last there.

2 G5 A4922

I can't wait to see how this one looks when it's finished. It looks amazing so far.

IMG 6315

Decided to repurpose my old gaming PC as a media server, but the graphics card is basically useless now (it is not going to transcode 4k video), and the whole thing draws way too much power to be left on 24/7, so I need to come up with an alternative. I don't want to build another server. Or do I?!

IMG 6316

Finally got the RaspberryPi mounted in a box, and it all works. Except the lid is too heavy and the whole thing falls back. So now I'm going to learn a bit of CAD to make a box for it that stands up how I want and can have a keyboard connected. Something to do, if nothing else.

2 G5 A4924

We found this lovely riverside walk in Lewes. It was right there the whole time - Tabitha and I walked so far to walk by the river last year, and we did not need to.

2 G5 A4926

We all love this Grand Designs house. Feels a bit conspicuous taking photos of someone's house but 1. it's been on TV, 2. I was taking a picture of the building, not the contents/inhabitants, and 3. they have artists open houses here so I think I'm fine.

2 G5 A4934

This cat is ridiculous.

I have been on a bit of a kick with computers and coding recently, which has meant fewer pictures. Unless you count pictures of half-assembled computers. Which, this week, we do.

I do miss taking pictures when I have quieter times like this, but I watched a nice video by Kyle McDougall that discourages you from beating yourself up when you're having a bit of a creative break. It's been quite nice to not be constantly trying to scope out pictures and just existing, but not to the point that I never want to carry a camera again! I'm looking forward to some better weather and getting out and about to shoot again.

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