Bleachers at O2 Forum


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IMG 6340

We took Tabitha to see Bleachers as her first proper show. I think she enjoyed it but we would all like to go back to bed now please.

It's not really my thing. I loved Gone Now but haven't been interested in anything since. It reminds me of something that would be on Crocodile Dundee or Home Alone or something like that - it's a very faithful re-creation of something you could find from the 80s. I have had my share of saxophone for the foreseeable future.

The O2 Forum doesn't allow professional cameras (whatever that means), and no bags "bigger than A4". Security was trying to take my Ricoh off me, which is hilarious. It's a point-and-shoot and not even remotely professional-looking. I also couldn't use it to capture any usable images all evening. These two are both from my phone. The R5 is so good that it's made everything look dreadful, and now I'm looking at the X100VI that I definitely do not need. The fact that it's out of stock is making me want it even more, the cheeky little hard-to-get minx.

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