Badlaws, DJ Perro and Elephant Gym at Hope and Ruin

Nice lineup that Mario accurately described as an ArcTanGent hangover cure. Nice surprise in the form of Badlaws, DJ Perro played a very tight multi-guitar math rock set, and Elephant Gym are very charming and energetic. Back to work then!

I nearly brought the Canon but decided against it because it was so hot. Regretted it straight away but the Ricoh coped pretty well.


Dan's been getting into making electronic music. The hardware really triggers my Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I can just about resist Teenage Engineering most days (today was a hard day) but this Monome Norns is making me need to take a cold shower. I was alright until I found out you can SSH to it. If you can SSH to something, I'm basically sold on it.

The Music of 2017

Once again resisting the temptation to conform to the masses and list a load of music that just came out, whilst declaring it the best thing of the year, here is a list of my favourite music that came out in 2017. I listen to a tonne of music - pretty much all the time during the week - so for anything to make it past the filter of time and my child-like lack of attention span is an impressive feat!

16 records might seem arbitrary, but life is arbitrary. I went through the list of stuff in my iTunes library (I liked it enough to buy it) and picked the stuff I still listen to and really enjoy. It's not a terribly scientific process, but it's effective. For your convenience, I've made the "Listen to" playlist on Spotify.

In alphabetical order:

All We Expected - Hatàr

Listen to: Conquered, We Conquer

Alpha Male Tea Party - Health

Listen to: No More

Bleachers - Gone Now

Listen to: Don't Take the Money

End - From the Unforgiving Arms of God

Listen to: Usurper

God Mother - Vilseledd

Listen to: Anti Anthem

Helpless - Debt

Listen to: Denied Sale

IDYLLS - The Barn

Listen to: Maslows Dogs

Kendrick Lamar - Damn

Listen to: DNA. But do yourself a favour and listen on Spotify or Apple Music, not YouTube. Better still, get the FLAC or some good MP3s and listen on great headphones or you're going to lose that bass and it's important.

Less Art - Strangled Light

Listen to: Wandering Ghost but you should really listen to the whole thing to appreciate what's going on here. This is a very special record.

Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa

Listen to: New Rules

Pijn - Floodlit

Listen to: The whole damn thing, then listen to Loss which was released in 2018 but I can guarantee it'll be on this list next year.

Rationale - Rationale

Listen to: Somewhere to Belong. This guy's voice is so beautiful it makes me want to crush a flower.

Sannhet - So Numb

Listen to: Sleep Well

Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory

Listen to: Bag Bak, then listen to everything else he's ever done. Then watch any video that has him on YouTube because he's the best.

Watchcries - Wraith

Listen to: Severing Union

Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun

Listen to: Vex

Employed to Serve at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

I enjoy taking photos at gigs but I like using the light that's there to take photos of anything. I will never understand why so many venues back-light but don't front-light. But it does make for some decent photos.

The problem with a lack of front-light is it means photographers bring their big fucking flashes and stick them right in people's faces, right at the front; blinding performance and audience members alike. Because they simply must have their shot for Instagram.

I realise there may be some perceived hypocrisy here but I never use flash and I try to stay out of the way so my conscience is clear.

Alpha Male Tea Party at Green Door Store, February 2018

Charlotte said I should post this but I didn't want to

Death and the Penguin