Like a Sunday Morning


2 G5 A4863

The eco variant of this pressing looks really nice. I guess it uses waste off-cuts of other presses.

2 G5 A4853

Some nice light in here this morning...

2 G5 A4851
2 G5 A4864

...I tried to use some of it for a self portrait but that failed. Light is now my friend, though, as it makes me look (marginally) less tired.

I was up early so I decided to listen to a couple of the new records I got this week. True to form, as soon as I got started, Tabitha was up. I don't really like doing things so solitary when other people are up so I just listened to one side of La Dispute's Wildlife repress.

I forgot how much I love this record - I think it's the perfect midpoint between the raw emotion of Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega and Altair, and the muted maturity of Rooms of the House (and I couldn't get into anything of theirs that followed that).

I also tried to listen to the 7" promo flexidisc of Future Islands' Last Christmas, but it was a little too flexy and my needle kept bouncing all over the place. Cool thing to have, though.

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