Learning the fretboard

I made a thing. I have played guitar on-and-off for over 20 years and I still can't easily identify notes on the fretboard. I had just accepted that it was never going to happen. I've now changed my mind.

This is pretty heavily inspired by flashcards and Times Tables Rockstars, in that you have a timer and you need to identify notes chosen at random and you can expand the scope of the test at your own pace. The idea is that repeating this stuff over and over will gradually make me more familiar with the fretboard. I have no idea if this will actually work, but I made a thing nonetheless.

Having used it for about an hour today, what it has done is made me much quicker at counting from a reference point that I know, then identifying that note. So if I know that one note is an A, then adding two semitones to that is a B. And if I have B, then adding two semitones to that is C-sharp. My approach is going to be picking strategic frets to learn by heart, then relying on arithmetic to get the rest.

I want to add:

  • Scales
  • Inverting this process; so the game gives you a note and you have to find it on the fretboard

It's quite fun actually.