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We used to go to Fatto a Mano so often before covid. Their food is still so good; I'm glad we don't have a pizza oven so Charlotte can't make crusts like this.

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I've needed some new trainers for a while but I always seem to time it wrong and just miss out on something I'd love and it's sold out in my size. I got some junk food LeBrons but ended up hating them, so returned them to the Size store and they had my size in stock of these Air Jordan 7 Retro SE, which is what I thought I'd missed. That never happens.

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I'm also a Crocs guy now. They're super convenient; like slippers you can wear outside. And if they're going to put out these colours, how can I not?

Insurance companies - specifically car insurance - are among the most evil companies. Received an... Learning the fretboard