As I'm sure I mentioned, I soloed ArcTanGent last year. I enjoyed myself but in places I was quite bored and lonely. This year I'm planning to learn from my mistakes.

Bluebell Railway


When I was a kid I loved steam trains. I think that's a fairly common thing. I've wanted to visit this railway for ages.

Week off


Have run the emotional gauntlet this week. I would prefer better control of my emotions I think.

Friday and Sudo; BFFs


Dog and cat have both been suffering in the heat. I don't envy the little ball of fluff having to wear a big jumper all the time in this! They've both spent a lot of time lying down near each other which seems silly to me, but what do I know.



Yesterday I was like "wow this week is going so fast" but today I'm like "when will this week endddd??"

Friday +1


Fell asleep so early last night, and I haven't even taken many pictures this week. Overall write-off of a week.



We used to go to Fatto a Mano so often before covid. Their food is still so good; I'm glad we don't have a pizza oven so Charlotte can't make crusts like this.

Next Friday


A little scant on cat pictures this week. We've narrowed digestive issues down to biscuits and ears are slowly improving. Yay cats 😶

Employed to Serve at Green Door Store


Continuing my season of doing things that feel illegal, I went to a gig. Employed to Serve announced a surprise show at Green Door Store and I had to go.

Middleton Butterfly Gardens


Charlotte wanted to go to the allotment, so Tabitha and I went to a butterfly farm. I love a good butterfly farm, and this one has a couple of frogs.

Freaky Friday


Ears clearing up, putting on weight, becoming more cat-like every day.



I love the way fresh produce looks, and I love Taj.

Friday Week


We've had a week with this lovely little cat, and she's settling in beautifully.

Slow sunrise


I love these slow sunrises, where the light gradually peels up over the cliffs from behind. I feel like there's a better way to capture it, but this is the best I could do from like 30 attempts and I didn't want to end up getting sick of it.

All to myself


I wouldn't say I'm a selfish person, but I do enjoy having all this to myself on occasion.

crkbd LP 3x5


This is essentially an LP Corne version of my Skeletyl, and I am very into it but I still haven't found Kailh Choc switches that I like.

Somerset 2022


This year I am taking more holiday. Like everyone, my life feels like it hasn't moved for two years, and over the past couple of months I've felt like it's significantly affecting my mood, and my overall attitude to my life. I feel totally uninspired by taking pictures, right now, and that is something that has always been able to lift me up.

splitkb Kyria


I was too busy focussing on not messing up the build to take photos whilst I was working

Kyria Split Build pt 2


Easily the most boring part of mechanical keyboards is lubing switches. It is, unfortunately, not optional. There are no shortcuts.

Slipknot at Arena Birmingham


Overall, I don't really like Slipknot