Somerset 2022

This year I am taking more holiday. Like everyone, my life feels like it hasn't moved for two years, and over the past couple of months I've felt like it's significantly affecting my mood, and my overall attitude to my life. I feel totally uninspired by taking pictures, right now, and that is something that has always been able to lift me up. That's probably the most worrying thing for me, as I benefit massively from having a creative/artistic outlet. I'm not a very artistic person but it makes me feel good to create little things for this site, and not having that has felt very wrong. I'm hoping that more holiday, and changes of scenery, will help that. For the first time in two years, I have made plans to do things, and I have things to look forward to. I've said that there's no point making plans just to be disappointed when they get cancelled, but I'm now realising that's wrong for me. I'm not a pessimistic person (contrary to outward appearances) and living that way is dragging me down so I'm making a concerted effort to put a stop to that.

I have booked time off work for a week in each of Tabitha's breaks from school this year, and we're going to do something for each one. I don't know what, but there will be something. Last week, we went to Somerset, which is somewhere I've never really explored. If you want the TL;DR, Somerset is a beautiful place, with lots of fun roads if you like to drive. It is almost entirely closed until March, so unless you like walking and literally nothing else, February isn't its best foot forward, but for a few days you can definitely find lots to do, as we did.

I'm not sure the point of a TL;DR on this site. If all you do is read this bit then you probably got lost somewhere!

Firstly we went to visit family as we always do when we move more than 10 miles north of Brighton. Making up for lost time.

And that's it. We had a very nice few days in Somerset but ended up leaving an evening early because there's a red weather warning across the whole south coast right now.

Somerset seems very nice, but it was a bit frustrating that everything was closed. We managed to find enough to do, but it would've been far better if we'd come when things were a bit more open. Almost all the cafés and attractions were closed until March. Lucky for us you can't close footpaths easily, though the rain made a pretty good effort.