The last week in black and white

Lots of walking, hanging out with the kid, and a dog who's getting weirder as time goes on.


Never work with children or animals, unless all you got is children and animals. Then maybe just quit.


We finally moved into our new place and I have very much enjoyed exploring the seafront in the mornings. It's very quiet, except for my yelling at the dog.

On the first night, after a stressful day of trying to find our stupid cat, we had these amazing pizzas from Pizza Face in Brighton.


I love fog. I know everyone loves fog. This morning, for the first time in his life, Sudo started to freeze whilst we were out walking. I thought it was just condensation but I went to brush it off him and, nope: ice.


I was pretty sceptical about this - I've never seen a depth-of-field effect that looked natural, but this looks pretty good. It's a bit fiddly to get it right, but I think it looks good.