Sudo; 28/09/2009 - 27/03/2023


Today we said goodbye to the best dog I have ever known. An absolutely wonderful companion to all of us, but especially Tabitha as he informed a true love and compassion for animals that is fundamental to who she is.

How my day starts, and how it ends


Sudo is very old. He can't make it through the night sometimes, so I've started getting up with the sun to let him out.

The last two weeks I guess


Lots of work, lots of badminton, not a lot of much else.

TFI Friday


Friday is now vaccinated, so Bill Gates knows exactly where she is and what she's thinking.

Somerset 2022


This year I am taking more holiday. Like everyone, my life feels like it hasn't moved for two years, and over the past couple of months I've felt like it's significantly affecting my mood, and my overall attitude to my life. I feel totally uninspired by taking pictures, right now, and that is something that has always been able to lift me up.



I can pretty much guarantee that if I make a change to this site, it will make me want to add some content, but the weather will be gross and I can't be bothered to go outside.

Bite the Wave


In a concerted effort to get out of my creative funk, I've done a few things. Firstly I've decided that everywhere I go, a camera goes too. And I will take pictures. Probably not good pictures, but when you fall out of a good habit, the first thing to do is get back in.

I'm not doing great


I haven't posted, or really taken any pictures since my last post, which was before my birthday, which was over a month ago. I'm just not into anything right now. I want to be but that's where my motivation ends.

The last few weeks


I have taken a lot of photos over the last few weeks but I can't always be bothered to post them. They go on Instagram so I can get that sweet, sweet attention, but I get no attention here so it always gets neglected.



A sleepy dog, some old video games, and a walk around some new routes right next to some old routes.



I am so sick of this stupid pandemic, the stupid government's constant nonsensical reaction to it, and stupid people for going about their stupid lives as if everything is fine, and making the situation worse. I've really had enough today.

Thick as Thieves


Tabitha and Sudo have always been so close.

A very slow couple of weeks


This has been one of the slowest months of my life. The more I tried to get done, the more got piled on, the more frantic I got!



Lots of pictures of me on my phone the last couple of weeks. I think I might finally be going insane.

Biting off more than you can chew


We give Sudo toilet roll tubes to carry round. No idea why he likes them so much but he seems to! Someone gave him this today and I think he thought he'd died.

Two Weeks


It's a phone dump! Been using the iPhone 12 Pro. Camera's very good actually. Been leaving my SLR at home.

I hate going out


We got ants in the house and it was going to take a week for Amazon to deliver Nippon. Fortunately, our local hardware place stocks it.

Early Walk


Got woken up by a full hard disk at 4am today so when that was sorted I went to take the dog for a walk.



Since Amelie died, Sudo has been the recipient of a large amount of redirected affection

Sudo is 10


Sudo is 10 now. He's a good boy.