TFI Friday


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CB7 A40 CD F09 D 42 E7 83 A4 5 A832 FD155 EA
EFFC5 C72 331 A 4175 A078 D6982 F904547
9 A88 DA09 01 BC 44 BE ABD2 3 FCCE0 DAE229
F2 F743 E1 CDB9 4429 9592 CAAA5 FCF7 DFE
01 D47615 849 E 45 F8 8 EDC E930 CB028001
5 CFD9 E4 F 6 F7 A 4768 BD44 DED6 D424855 A
99 AC2 ED9 C502 4 DCC BC1 C 80 BDF1 C68 CF0
D47 A294 C B3 D1 408 C AB07 AB3 E90 B649 C4
F997126 E BD1 B 402 C 992 C DDABA5240139
C9 B9 CD75 77 ED 4 F03 936 C 3 FDC9843298 A
E2266 A2 C 2 B51 4 CF8 AF9 A 48 A2 FD8 DCA3 B
09 E70263 84 AC 46 AE A4 C3 115 AB41 EFAA8
9 F6 D9 A4 A 65 D8 4705 BE84 D3 AFED3 C12 DB
A180 E109 E12 A 48 D0 A5 CE 74 FAA5 C35 E22
82 DC6542 6 D7 B 41 BC AC0 F F55 FD6 FE289 A
25 D003 C3 4 BAC 40 B1 A388 80024 D1 F85 A9
39 C0088 E B49 E 471 F 85 C3 4 B43534 E23 D2
A1363 FCF 7915 4 B4 C A9 AD 1 C130 B1 BE972

Friday is now vaccinated, so Bill Gates knows exactly where she is and what she's thinking.

Another good week of being in love with Sudo and walking around shouting at nothing. She's already irreplaceable in the house and everyone loves her.

She has a very sensitive stomach. She can't have anything other than the food she was fed before she came to us or her stomach gets super irritated. Hopefully she'll grow out of that.

I like flowers Friday Feeling