I have never been happy with this site's header. I don't like the "logo", and the general layout just gets on my nerves. So it's all gone. Good riddance. I made a little burger menu but that burger joke is already annoying me so I'll need to have a think about what to replace that with. The current image is by Lars Meiertoberens via The Noun Project. I like the image, I just don't like a burger for a burger menu. GET IT?! BURGER 🙄

I can pretty much guarantee that if I make a change to this site, it will make me want to add some content, but the weather will be gross and I can't be bothered to go outside. So here's a picture of Sudo from the other day. He absolutely loves this towel. No I don't know why.

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The Dispossessed I have had an unpleasant week. Everything that could have gone wrong, has gone wrong. Even some...