A very slow couple of weeks

This has been one of the slowest months of my life. The more I tried to get done, the more got piled on, the more frantic I got!

I then decided to celebrate the my time off by porting this website to use Strapi instead of Craft. However, when I was nearly done, I realised that Strapi is completely unusable on mobile, and the developers don't see the point of supporting mobile. In 2020. I mean why would they.

So I think I'm staying with Craft for a while. I really need to figure out why it can be so slow, though. It's very frustrating.

This is a World Spawn Gothic 70 and it is glorious. It's taking me some time but I'm getting so much more comfortable with split boards now.
Plus frosted acrylic and potentially-too-many-LEDs looks so good.
Dog has changed a lot recently. He has these bursts of playfulness which are super fun.
I tried some ballpoint refills for my Parker Jotter, and found one I really like: Monteverde P13.
Goodness when did this kid get so grown up?
Got sick of keeping all my tools and parts in random boxes. Now I just need to find somewhere to keep the thing!
Charlotte made chilli vodka. It was incredibly spicy.
We had a weirdly photogenic beige dinner. I love Beige Dinner.
Strava end of year had some boring visualisations for some cool data. Seemed like a missed opportunity, but I love me some data.
Charlotte made pizza with leftover meatballs. It was incredible.
Girl loves her dog.
Tabitha went to a Zoom birthday party. They brought round a goody bag that had slime in. I don't think Tabitha has played with slime before; it was pretty cool.
Something pleasing about the light coming through these trees.
Charlotte made a sleeve for my GBA. I love it.
We watched James Acaster's Cold Lasagne stream. I absolutely loved it. Really hope he releases it so I can watch it again.