Bite the Wave


In a concerted effort to get out of my creative funk, I've done a few things. Firstly I've decided that everywhere I go, a camera goes too. And I will take pictures. Probably not good pictures, but when you fall out of a good habit, the first thing to do is get back in.

Secondly I've ordered a Teenage Engineering OP-1. I've wanted one for ages and used prices have come down a fair amount so figured I'd go for it. Can't wait to start making some corny hip-hop and synthwave. Maybe I can make some beats to play along on my guitar as well! 😮

Lastly I am going to visit Perkins, who has a large box of plastic for me with all sorts of fun things to build (keyboards!) and paint (vinyl toys). I am especially looking forward to this - I have so many PCBs waiting for weird cases. And one thing which I'm particularly excited for is there might be a final Whimsy on stacked acrylic for me to build. It feels like I've been looking forward to this for so long.

Anyway here's some pictures of my stupid dog trying to eat waves, and then rolling around on his bed like an idiot. Love this stupid dog.

E1 EE4 B97 0 C4 E 4244 B7 D9 417 AF656 C957
C34 E4 FDC CFF8 42 F2 9 AD9 5 C23 ED4 D149 E
98 D01 F0 C 8 CE8 488 E 8 DA6 77 DCC13 A0127
8 B9654 F0 EDE1 4 DC2 997 D 5 ED6 D67 C9 EC1
97 D940 F8 CB1 F 4 AE6 BB44 9 DA676506226
B48 FE046 2 FFC 4 CF7 AF01 DC53 B1893074
0 D650 C99 9 BAC 4 EAC 9 B54 A56 AC3 A2030 F
F6 D3 E371 0 FC2 49 CD AE83 4 E250 C97414 D
38 A24986 F0 E4 433 E 96 A0 0412229 DCD42
C8 A9007 C 4 AA9 44 D8 B904 6 A0 CF13 D547 D
B895 D695 91 C8 41 A0 9477 37209 A4486 A2
A4 EF449 B B822 4 BF3 8 F8 A CAF42860 F88 E
Bromsgrove Summer 2021 I'm not doing great